From Challenge to Solution: Peletería Continental and Odoo

Company name: Peletería Continental

Location: Mexico

Industry: Clothing products trading

Applications implemented: Inventory, Sales, Purchase, WhatsApp, CRM, and more

Number of users: 4

Number of employees: 35

Hosting type: Odoo Online

Peletería Continental, based in Mexico City, is a leading trading company in the clothing products industry. Their product range includes ornaments, latches, glasses, laces, pins, and rings. The company works with prominent brands such as Verona, 3M, Coxmex, and Prym.

Searching for Odoo

Initially, Peletería Continental used another ERP system, but they faced significant challenges regarding upgrades and functionality. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and robust system, they began to explore new options and discovered Odoo over the internet.

By using Odoo, Peletería Continental sought to optimize its inventory management and enhance sales logistics. After evaluating a wide range of alternatives, they found Odoo offered the necessary tools at an affordable cost, and decided to implement this ERP system.

Working with Odoo

Peletería Continental has already implemented some key functionalities, but their implementation process is still ongoing.

Odoo's Inventory module not only functions as a warehouse management application, but also includes an advanced barcode reader tool. This tool allows to manage waiting times, automate replenishments and configure advanced routes, such as dropshipping and cross-docking.

Odoo's Benefits

Juan Pablo Bernardo emphasizes that Odoo has the potential to significantly impact Peletería Continental's long-term business goals. With improved control over leads and customers, they can carefully analyze and enhance each process.

The company values Odoo’s ability to locate products, identify specific locations, and manage inventories efficiently. The system allows users to know precisely how much stock is available, when they need to reorder, and track the products and their movements.

These advantages are what make Pastelería Continental recommend Odoo to other companies, highlighting that it is a tool that provides comprehensive control of the company and its operations.

About Peleteria Continental

Peletería Continental, located in Mexico City, is a leading trading company specializing in clothing supplies such as ornaments, latches, glasses, laces, pins, and rings. They started using Odoo to improve the efficiency of their inventory and sales logistics, achieving better product management, and more precise control over replenishment and inventory movements.

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