Eden Garden Exports Reaches New Heights With Odoo

  • Country: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Apps Implemented: Inventory, Invoicing, Manufacturing, Purchase, Sales
  • Company Size: 50

The Journey from a Cocoon to Mammal Manufacturer

From small family-run business to a mammoth indispensable manufacturer for global beachwear giants, Eden Garden Exports is the hidden hero in the arena of swimwear products. As a material and manufacturing company, Eden Garden Exports has a huge list of clientele across the world. Its global customers are often named as the most prestigious brands of the beach and resort wear industry. Having been in the business for over 35 years, keeping vendors and clients satisfied while ensuring customers get the best product is their main motive. 

As an established brand, the business expanded quickly, growing at a rate of 25% year on year. But as the marketplace grew, the company realized that it needs to be more competent and advanced. To keep everyone on the same page, the company decided to replace the conventional business processes with new generation business methods.

Odoo- A Better Way To Manage Business!
Early on, the company's business journey was traditional, time-consuming and inefficient in nature. The earlier generation found it convenient to handle everything manually due to their lack of exposure to technology. But over the past five years, Eden Garden Exports' business rose over 3 times and keeping a record of everything manually became more challenging. As the business grew in terms of volumes, it was essential for the company to keep track of every single element. Moreover, to improve overall business productivity, it had to streamline inventory, manufacturing and sales processes.

"Odoo is extensive software. With countless advanced features, We made the right decision by adopting Odoo for our business"
-Mr. Rajiv Mansukhani, Partner at Eden Garden Exports

Eden Garden Exports began using different software as the need arose. Eventually, this resulted in jumbled systems that could not be integrated. "Most of our inventory, manufacturing, invoicing were done manually. We were using Tally for accounting and Microsoft excel for invoicing," explains Mr. Rajeev, Partner at Eden Garden Exports. ​

To solve this challenge, the company envisioned adopting one single platform to integrate all its business operations. "Coordinating between so many people managing production and inventory became a headache," said Mr. Rohan Shah, Partner, Eden Garden Exports. "We thought let's try Odoo as it has sales, invoicing, inventory and every single thing that we needed actually. Especially manufacturing, as manufacturing was one thing a lot of software doesn't really do."​

Initial efforts with different ERP solutions didn't go well with the company as the different business fields failed to talk to each other. "We wanted to use a system that is 'tried-n-tested' and Odoo, being a global system, perfectly matched our requirements," explains Mr. Rajeev.

Fascinated with Odoo's customization and studio feature Mr. Rohan said, "Odoo's studio feature is amazing. Even though I have little background in programming, I was easily able to create and customize the tools. It's that convenient!" The platform had streamlined processes across all operations, gave Eden Garden Export better control over the entire business journey.​

Eden Garden Exports Is Ready to Shoot Across the Sky

Now, the Eden Garden Exports team doesn't have to go back and forth for the same task or complete work manually. Odoo’s highly scalable, cloud-based platform helps the company to do more with every coming day — and that gives the productivity they want. "The amazing thing is that my purchased order is very streamlined now. So, once you confirm the pro forma invoice, your purchase orders and manufacturing orders are automatically done. It's just absolutely streamlined," said Mr. Rajeev. 


Eden Garden Exports appreciates the coordination of Odoo tools as it believes that the ease of information access is important for the business. With Odoo, the key is in getting the right information at the right time. Additionally, streamlined processes offer complete visibility into manufacturing operations and optimize the sales motion. Through it all, the company can identify and manage fields of improvement.

With Odoo's continuous support to the manufacturing and sales team, Eden Garden Exports' small yet strong team can cope up with rising business demands. The company of 50 employees has access to the same data and they can take care of each business area no matter how big the business gets. "In Peace at last - With Odoo," says Mr. Rajiv with a big smile.

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