Duplaco Scales Up With Odoo

Company name: Duplaco B.V.
Location: Oldenzaal, The Netherlands
Industry: Food and Supplements
Partner name: Aardug RMO 
Odoo account manager: Laura Koedam 
Main Apps implemented: Invoicing, CRM, Sales, Projects, Production, Planning, Purchase, Stock, Quality, Documents, Studio
Company size: 10
Number of Odoo Users: 10
Hosting Type: Odoo.sh

About Duplaco 

Duplaco is a Dutch producer of heterotrophically-cultured Chlorella microalgae. They produce fresh microalgae and algae in powder or tablet form. They are suitable for both the food and animal feed industries. What makes Duplaco unique? The Duplaco Chlorella microalgae have a high protein content, as well as large quantities of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, unsaturated fats (Omega-3 or -6), and dietary fibres. Above all, Duplaco microalgae tastes great, and is ideal as an ingredient in food. 

In addition, the company cultivates their own produce in their very own factory in Hengelo, The Netherlands. This produce is microbiologically clean, has no heavy metals, and is highly nutritious - full of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Learn more about Duplaco at: https://duplaco.com/ 

On A Mission To Resolve A Food Crisis

By 2050, it is expected that 10 billion people will need to be fed. With an ever-growing population, and limited resources, one cannot help but wonder how we are going to accomplish this. Numerous initiatives and new technologies are the answer to this demand, and on the forefront of this mission is Duplaco.

With such a demand on the precipice, it is no mystery why Duplaco’s business continues to grow. What began as a small pilot plant has now turned into a fully-fledged company specializing in the supplying of food for the future. In January 2020, Duplaco moved into a new building to scale-up their manufacturing. 

As the business began to scale-up, Duplaco began to assess what features were needed in order to improve production. In the beginning, the company decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics Navision. However, as the business began to grow, Duplaco found that the system was rather complex, expensive, and did not have the tools they were looking for to take their business to the next level.

Ramping Up With Odoo

For Duplaco, traceability for every ingredient and product needs to be guaranteed. This was a big priority and something they were unable to do with their previous system.

With the help of Odoo Partner, Aardug RMO, Duplaco implemented Odoo.sh to take their business to the next level. Duplaco now has a complete set of tools to enable the current and future growth of the company. They have found Odoo to be a very complete, modern, and affordable system. They use the apps “Stock” and “Production” to trace ingredients and products. 

The new track and trace tools for ingredients and products has enabled Duplaco to execute good inventory management. In addition, Odoo has made accounting easier for the company. They are able to make good use of the Central Registration Depository (CRD) and serve customers well. 

“We Odoo it!”
- Kitty Nauta, Office Manager at Duplaco
What Duplaco most values about Odoo is the simplicity of the system. It’s easy to work with, has a clear appearance, and they only see the apps they need. Everything is documented, so all the information is at hand in the right place.

With everything centralized in one platform, Duplaco no longer wastes time trying to track and trace products and extensively search for information. They can now focus on research and developing innovative food solutions for the world. 
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