Don Teque and Odoo: A Business Recipe Full of Flavor

Company Name: Don Teque

Location: Mexico

Industry: Foods and Beverages

Apps Implemented: Invoicing, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, Sales, and more.

Number of users: 1 

Hosting Type: Online

The exquisite 'tequeño', a symbol of tradition and excellence since 1980, makes its way to Mexico through the unparalleled craftsmanship of Don Teque. This establishment distinguishes itself by offering delicious 'tequeños' and artisanal pastries infused with the richness of a deeply rooted family tradition. Don Teque takes pride in being the epitome of the art of savoring snacks crafted with heart, ensuring that each bite is a 100% artisanal experience.

The constant pursuit of efficiency and process improvement has become imperative to ensure the success and expansion of organizations. A clear example of this proactive approach is the story of Don Teque, a company that has experienced significant growth and success through the implementation of a comprehensive ERP system.

Growth Challenges

"We were looking for a solution that would streamline all pre-fabrication, production, inventory management, and billing processes," shared Omar Marcano, a representative of Don Teque. 

Initially, the company focused on sales to restaurants, but encountered new challenges as its production levels increased. The need to consolidate inventory, exercise precise control over production, and enhance billing processes became crucial to the maintaining of operational efficiency and quality of service.

Discovering Odoo: The Comprehensive ERP Solution

In the search for a solution that could address these challenges comprehensively, the Don Teque team received the recommendation to work with Odoo, a versatile and adaptable ERP system. The implementation of Odoo took place over a period of approximately one and a half months, and the company has been reaping the benefits of this decision for a year.

Omar Marcano highlights the personalized design process they underwent in adapting Odoo to their specific needs. Additionally, he expresses gratitude for the continuous support provided by Odoo throughout the implementation process, emphasizing the importance of having a strong backing during this critical phase.

The Choice of Efficiency

"We saw two additional solutions that were a bit more complex for our process and would take much longer to implement. So, in terms of cost, ease-of-use, and the fact that the application is very user-friendly... we really leaned towards Odoo," mentioned Marcano. 

With Odoo in operation, the company has experienced remarkable growth and significant optimization in its operations. The seamless integration of Odoo's diverse applications has provided Don Teque with instant accessibility to crucial data related to pre-production, production, inventory management, reports, and customer tracking, thereby enhancing internal organization and operational efficiency.

Automation in Action

One aspect, particularly emphasized by Don Teque, is the ease and effectiveness of billing with Odoo. Once notes and delivery orders are generated, a simple click triggers the billing process automatically, streamlining a crucial aspect of the business cycle.

"Truly, at Don Teque, we describe Odoo as the ultimate," added Omar Marcano, highlighting the satisfaction and success they have experienced since choosing Odoo as their comprehensive ERP system. 

In summation, Don Teque's experience is a compelling testament to how the implementation of an ERP system, like Odoo, can transform and enhance the growth of a company, providing effective solutions and streamlining processes to meet the evolving challenges of the contemporary business world.

About Don Teque

Since its establishment in 1980, Don Teque has brought the traditional 'tequeño,' a symbol of excellence and craftsmanship, to Mexican lands. The brand stands out for offering artisanal 'tequeños' and pastries, seamlessly blending the authenticity of family tradition with culinary innovation.

The successful implementation of the Odoo ERP system has been essential to transform and empower Don Teque's growth, providing effective solutions and streamlining processes to address contemporary business challenges. This testimony underscores Don Teque's adaptability and strategic vision in a dynamic business environment.

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