DECO-T Factory designs with Odoo

Company Name: DECO-T Factory 

Country: Kuwait

Industry: Manufacturing

Implementing partner: Sismatix Information Systems

Main Apps implemented: Project, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Website, Documents.

Odoo Users: 5

Customer Success Manager: Ahmed Abdelaziz

The Star!

Deco T is a company established in the heart of Kuwait, specializing in interior design and decoration. They have reached out into different sectors to diversify their services, including designing, supplying, and installing advertisement sign boards in addition to minor architectural works. 

Prior to Odoo 

Deco-T had struggled with getting reports, as they were on a legacy system that could not handle their needs; Phoenix, which was used for accounting, was not allowing them to have a full suite of applications that would seamlessly be put under one roof.

The major pain points they faced happened quarterly. They used to outsource a company that would take a week to look into all the books, consolidate the records, and gets the needed graphs. As this was done manually, it increased the risk of inaccuracy giving space to human error, which would force Deco-T to prolong the contract with the reporting company/agency.

From this seeded need, the company decided it was the right time to move into a system that would help generate reports in a few clicks and be more cost-effective when managing the process. The decision had been made to reinvest the resources from the 3rd party company into Odoo.

The Breakdown

Inventory: They had no system prior to Odoo regarding inventory and had issues tracking the fast-selling products and the products that take time to sell. The new system now tracks live data on all product types and unique variations. In addition, they now use the perpetual accounting system and have costs displayed in real-time due to the perpetual inventory valuation.

Sales and Purchase: They increased sales by adding accessory products to configurations. The products are displayed as pictures so that they can cross-sell with the accessory products when presented to customers. Their purchasing happens overseas; using the right setup, they can now recognize the net cost and income using the proper AVCO setup, having the landed cost and any extra charges further streamlining the process.

The Result 

As Deco-T went from one week to a few minutes, the reporting and numerical generation became a frictionless process. Both by saving money on the overall cost of labor and making the process more efficient. 

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