Code Your Way to Success: IoGlobal's Odyssey with Odoo

IoGlobal Services Private Limited

Company Name: IoGlobal Services Private Limited
Country: Afghanistan
Industry: IT
Number of Odoo Users: 3
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Haidar Agha
Odoo Implementing Partner: Netlinks

IoGlobal Services Private Limited is Afghanistan's leading internet and ICT solutions provider. The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions for residential, business, and government customers, including fixed wired and wireless telecommunications, internet services, and turnkey technology solutions. IoGlobal has national and international partners and vendors, and its staff comprises more than 70% of technical staff members responsible for running network operations and providing support. They offer various services, including consulting, project management, and training.

IoGlobal's solutions include LAN/WAN, Digital Radio, IPLC/DPLC, Optic Fiber Connectivity, Long Haul/Backhaul, Gigabit Wireless Backhaul, Satellite Communication, and Data Centers. The company's professional services cover designing, deploying, and managing connectivity networks, including system preparation, design, and management. They provide customized solutions to businesses, allowing them to focus on core business functions while caring for non-core functions.

IoGlobal's integrated end-to-end solutions are delivered over a redundant, common Internet backbone infrastructure. Their offerings include OFC, Wireless broadband WiMAX | LTE, SAT COMM, Ka-Band Internet Services (Yahclick), and Systems Integration Solutions. The company is important in Afghanistan's prosperity and development, aligned with Afghanistan and ATRA's vision.

Making Online Support Easy

IoGlobal faced significant challenges in tracking and managing their online sales activities across multiple channels, resulting in inefficiencies and a lack of standard single points of information to make quick decisions. This approach was time-consuming and error-prone, leading to customer dissatisfaction and negatively impacting sales. To address this issue, IoGlobal turned to Odoo software to provide a comprehensive solution to their Helpdesk, Livechat, and Website management needs. With Odoo, the company could easily track and follow up on all these tickets in one place, allowing for a streamlined process to provide better customer support and ultimately increase sales.

Automate Employee Management

Before implementing Odoo software, IoGlobal faced significant challenges in managing their employee details and processing payroll, which was a tedious and laborious task. The company relied on manual and time-consuming processes to consolidate data from multiple applications, leading to inaccuracies and a lack of standardization. To address this issue, IoGlobal implemented Odoo's HR suite, which includes Attendance, Time off, Contracts, and Payroll applications. With Odoo's HR suite, the company could automate all entries, including sales, purchases, and manufacturing orders, thereby automating the entire process. This allowed the company to generate data quickly and efficiently, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and focus on other business areas.

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In conclusion, Odoo software has provided IoGlobal with a comprehensive solution to its online sales activities and employee management needs, enabling them to operate more efficiently and profitably. With Odoo, the company has streamlined its processes significantly, resulting in enhanced customer experience and productivity. By consolidating its various needs into a single platform, IoGlobal has improved visibility and traceability regarding documentation and internal communication, leading to increased production efficiency in the company. Overall, Odoo has helped IoGlobal enhance its business operations, better serve customers, and achieve its goal of building a prosperous and digitally connected Afghanistan.

Main Apps Implemented

Main Apps implemented: Payroll, Contracts, Time Off, Helpdesk, Project, CRM, Sales, Invoicing


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