Bites, Bytes, and Odoo Delights: iHealthy’s Tech Transformation!


Company Name: iHealthy
Country: UAE
Industry: Food and Beverage
Main Apps: Point of Sale, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, Purchase, Payroll, Time off, Employees, Planning, Expenses.
Number of Odoo Users: 21
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Misbah Al Khadem
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Abdallah Baker, Omar Alieh

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of the UAE, iHEALTHY International has marked its name as a prominent chain of restaurants. With 4 iHEALTHY branches and a Chickalick branch, each standing distinct due to different Tax IDs, the restaurant chain found itself at the crossroads of technological advancements. Enter Odoo, which became the solution to many of their operational intricacies.

Order-to-Pay (Restaurant)

At iHealthy, the diner's experience always began with a selection of a table. While this seems straightforward, challenges arose when waiters had to record table numbers and guest counts before placing orders. This was crucial because order processing hinged on the number of guests seated. Moreover, waiters had the responsibility of informing customers about potential allergies, ensuring each order was tailored to the diner's need. A further layer of complexity was added when some customers availed special membership discounts.

Recognizing these challenges, Odoo's Point of Sale (PoS) system was the chosen solution. Waiters could now swiftly record table details, check product information for allergies, and effortlessly apply membership discounts. This transformation didn’t just stop at order placements. In instances where orders needed modifications, Odoo allowed managerial PIN-based overrides, ensuring accountability and efficiency.

Order-to-Pay (Aggregators)

The world has seen a significant rise in food delivery platforms like Talabat and Careem. While these platforms provided an opportunity for iHealthy to reach more customers, integrating their orders manually into the restaurant's system was tedious. Furthermore, calculating commissions for these platforms required precision. Here, Odoo once again came to the rescue. Aggregator orders were seamlessly integrated into the PoS system. With the introduction of specific payment methods tailored to each aggregator, commission calculations became hassle-free.

Purchases, Landed Costs Registration, and Inventory Management

Managing a restaurant chain is more than just processing orders. It involves sourcing ingredients, ensuring quality, and managing inventories. Given the magnitude of operations at iHealthy, these processes often became cumbersome. Odoo’s integrated system played a pivotal role here. The purchase of ingredients, whether from local or international suppliers, was streamlined. RFQs were more organized, and the two-step approval process ensured no purchase was impulsive. On the inventory front, items were correctly categorized as perishable or non-perishable, ensuring proper storage conditions. Quality checks were instituted, ensuring only the best ingredients made their way to the diners.

Batch Production, Quality Control, and Order Preparation

For a restaurant, the journey of an ingredient from being raw to becoming a part of a delectable dish is filled with intricacies. There’s defrosting, cleaning, cutting, marinating, cooking, garnishing, and much more. In the case of iHealthy, capturing by-products and noting wastage percentages added further steps. Using Odoo’s Manufacturing module, each of these steps was tracked and optimized. By-products were recorded efficiently, quality checks were standardized, and recipes were utilized effectively. The result? A smooth, efficient, and productive kitchen environment.

Payroll and Employee Management

Employees are the backbone of any organization, and managing their needs, leaves, payslips, and contracts is imperative. At iHealthy, the diverse working schedules and various allowances made payroll a complex task. Odoo's comprehensive HR suite was the game-changer. It enabled automated payslip generation, allowed easy submission of leaves, and ensured that every financial aspect was reflected accurately in the accounting module. Additionally, documents were easily uploaded, categorized, and shared with employees, fostering a transparent work environment.


In the world of gastronomy, while the taste reigns supreme, the operations behind the scenes are what make or break a restaurant chain. For iHealthy International, Odoo was more than just a software solution. It was the bridge that connected their operational gaps, creating a symphony of efficiency, accuracy, and growth. As they continue to serve delightful dishes to their patrons in the UAE, they do so powered by a robust backend, all thanks to Odoo.

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