Banta builds with Odoo

Company Name: Banta Furniture

Country: Kuwait 

Industry: Manufacturing 

Implementing Partner: RIGHTECHS Solutions

Main Apps Implemented: Project, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, eCommerce, Invoicing, CRM, Sales, Website, Timesheet, Helpdesk, Approvals, Studio.

Odoo Users: 150

Customer Success Manager: Yousef Abusaker 

The Star!

Banta Furniture EST, operating for more than 40 years, has evolved from the specialization of Living room and kitchen furniture to the fulfilling needs of a complete home under one roof. Banta prides itself and attributes its longstanding reputation to teamwork, customizing service, affordable price products and excellent customer service. Banta has three stores in Kuwait and one in KSA. Banta is also developing plans to introduce other branches in strategic locations in other GCC countries. 

Before implementing Odoo?

Banta required a system with a workflow encompassing an all-in-one solution. Previously they used Microsoft Dynamics for sales, invoicing, and purchasing as well as Sharepoint tableau for reports. They used multiple systems to complete functions that were critical to the business and needed to be done daily. Due to the disconnect of several components, much time was wasted attempting to integrate the separate software.

As a subsequent consequence of having multiple systems, they were obliged to hire an IT specialist for every software. At the height of operation, the IT team reached a total of 12 members, and each member was allocated towards a specific system. Further creating more disconnect and opening up room for error and excessive time consumption. 

After two failed implementations with Oracle and Microsoft dynamics, paired with no real-time inventory valuation looped in by high operating costs for separate ERPs, Banta had enough and moved on to a brighter future. 

Bright days with Odoo

As they began to streamline the process, several applications being under one roof allowed them to start maximizing productivity and production on all levels.

The manufacturing application had allowed them to finally compile everything from a bill of materials to the duration of production per product that was seamlessly linked to the inventory application connected with the sales app, all tied together by the accounting modules. This means that essentially sales representatives could check live inventory counts of certain products sell said the product, which would trigger a change in inventory numbers which would then be reflected in the manufacturing system that would allow the production to maintain inventory numbers at all times unless selected otherwise.

With an interconnected network that could start at the simple basis of uploading products to a centralized inventory system stretching out towards the manufacturing and sales cycle finally let Banta reach its potential.

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