Baker Tilly Consulting Bahrain + Odoo = Business Bliss


Company Name: BakerTilly
Country: Bahrain
Industry: Consulting
Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Accounting, Payroll, Time off, Recruitment.
Number of Odoo Users: 14
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Tala Tawil
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Ihsan Abu Al-Huda, Amr Mohamed

Baker Tilly Consulting is a leading professional services provider in the Middle East, offering a range of audit, assurance, advisory, and specialty consulting services. Founded in 1977 by Mago JB Singh, the company's origins can be traced back to the JFC Group, which aimed to serve the Techno-Economic Advisory needs of the industrial sector and fill the vacuum for the Manufacturing Consulting & Industrial Engineering needs of then-young India. Over the years, the company has grown from a domestic company to an international practice with multi-disciplinary services, multi-geographic locations, multi-lingual partners, and consultants with vast, varied, and specialized knowledge and expertise.

With its commitment to quality, technical expertise, and exceptional client service, Baker Tilly Consulting has earned a reputation as one of the most respected firms in the region. The company has a strong foundation, a dream to grow, and an international perspective, bringing them to where they are today. Baker Tilly Middle East, being part of the JFC Group of companies, is an independent member of Baker Tilly International and has grown over the years since their inception in 1980 into one of the largest providers of professional services specializing in the region, covering the full array of services in audit, assurance, advisory & specialty consulting. With its local expertise and global reach, Baker Tilly Consulting continues to invest in its future and strives to ensure that it remains the best-respected firm in its sector.

Commercials Made Easy

Baker Tilly Consulting faced a common pain point in the commercial flow of their business. They used to receive client proposals through various channels, such as email and WhatsApp, often leading to miscommunications and delays. However, with the implementation of Odoo's CRM and Sales applications, the company now has a centralized platform to manage all their sales and client interactions. The sales team can easily create and send proposals to clients, and once there's an agreement, they can generate a quotation that includes all the requested services/certifications with the required time needed to complete them. Any additional time required can be added, and there are no refunds for leftover time. The payment methods can be customized based on the agreement with the client, and the sales team's performance is tracked through sales reporting. Once the payment is made, it is directly recorded in the bank or cash accounts, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Managing Projects Effectively

Project management was another area where Baker Tilly Consulting faced significant pain points. They had difficulty assigning and tracking projects and tasks, resulting in missed deadlines and reduced efficiency. However, with the implementation of Odoo's Projects and Timesheets application, the company now has a streamlined project management process. Projects and tasks are created once the sales order is confirmed, and project managers and consultants are assigned to different projects and tasks. The team members receive notifications through email whenever they are assigned to a project or task, and they can view their assigned projects on their profiles. Consultants can easily timesheet on their tasks, and reminders are sent to all users who have not yet timesheeted on their tasks. Each project's profitability is tracked using analytic accounts, and project managers and consultants can add internal updates and attachments using log notes and the chatter. Feedback and ratings from clients are also tracked, improving the company's overall project management process.

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Accounting Simplified

Accounting was a significant pain point for Baker Tilly Consulting, as they had to manually track expenses and maintain separate spreadsheets for each project's profitability. However, with the implementation of Odoo's Accounting application, they now have a streamlined accounting process. The Chart of Accounts, journals, and opening balances were exported from the company's current system and imported into Odoo. Customer taxes were configured as per Bahraini Localization, and expenses were tracked through manual bills. Analytic Accounting was used to track the profitability of all projects, and project expenses were broken down into consultant timesheets and, in rare cases, consumables per project.

The Smart Way to Manage Employees

The HR flow was a significant pain point for Baker Tilly Consulting, with difficulty managing employee profiles, payroll, and leaves. However, with the implementation of Odoo's HR applications, the company now has a streamlined HR process. Each employee's profile and job contract include personal information, bank details, and personal documents such as passports and visas. The basic salary and other allowances are also included in the job contract. Fixed deductions, such as End of Service Indemnity, are applied to employees' salaries, and other manual deductions are decided at the end of each month. End-of-year bonuses are added manually to the employees' salaries.

Baker Tilly Consulting also faced challenges in recruitment and appraisals. However, with the implementation of Odoo's Recruitment and Appraisals application, the company now has a streamlined recruitment and performance management process. The company recruits through LinkedIn and receives referrals, and acceptance or rejection emails are sent to candidates. Employees can go through recurrent appraisals, where they provide feedback, and managers can add their feedback. Employees' goals can be set within a certain time period, improving their overall performance and contributing to the company's growth.


Baker Tilly Consulting has successfully streamlined their business processes and eased their pain points by implementing various Odoo applications. The company can now manage their sales, project management, accounting, and HR processes efficiently, resulting in improved productivity, reduced errors, and enhanced overall performance. With Odoo's centralized platform and streamlined workflows, Baker Tilly Consulting is well-positioned to continue its regional growth and expansion.

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