Baked keeps it fresh with Odoo

Company Name: Baked AE

Country: UAE 

Industry: Food & Beverage   

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase

Company Size: 10

Number of Users: 7

Implementation Timeline: 5 Months 

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Lucyana Jurdi

Baked UAE started as a humble but high-performing bakery with over 300 different baked products, with the sole purpose of catering to a variety of customers that range from hotel chains to everyday cafes and restaurants. With a young leader at the helm, Baked has set its horizons on leaving a mark on the industry through high-quality baked goods and premium customer service.

Running a fast-paced operation in the F&B industry is already challenging as it is, throw in the endless search to find software that fits both an SME’s budget and requirements and you find yourself running in circles. The operation involves purchasing both internationally and locally sourced raw ingredients from suppliers, receiving and stocking goods, then beginning the production of baked products, which are then stored or sent out to customers. The process involved so much manual entry that it was near impossible to accurately scan and track the process let alone boost the efficiency of the production line. 

Nevertheless, Baked had been desperately searching to find this mystery software and came across Odoo. Finding tranquility in the ease of use, Baked decided to shift their entire manufacturing and inventory process onto Odoo. Founder and GM Abdul Saadiedin stated that it was of the utmost importance to have a system that had multiple functions under one roof. Being able to track all their incoming inventory and manage the full recipe book allowed the business to streamline operations by up to 50%, he also stated that being able to send out RFQs instantly had allowed them to trim the unnecessary fat that had hindered the business to operate at its full potential. 

Working hand in hand we wish nothing but the best for our homegrown bakery!


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