Always Improving improves with Odoo

Company Name: Always Improving
Country: UAE
Industry: Business setup / Immigration
Main Apps implemented: Sales, Invoicing, CRM.
Odoo Users: 3
Customer Success Manager: Omar Staitieh

The Star!
With humble origins beginning the journey three years ago in Luxemburg
Always Improving aims to assist international and local entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses in the UAE and navigating the immigration procedure. They provide a complete solution for establishing a business in the UAE and securing resident, family, and staff visas. They also provide an exclusive mainland business setup.

Initial Obstacles
Before Odoo they found that it was challenging to maintain track of all documentation for each client. They deal with many variations of paperwork, such as trade licenses, Emirates ID copies, passports, etc.

Their primary concern was that they had to complete all invoices manually. This was time-consuming as each customer had several lines that needed to be filled out, all with unique cases. This time-consuming effort was added to when a client requested updates on specific fields. Once that occurred, they would have to redo the process and setback the hours it would take to set the fresh documents with the updated fields, intensely consuming manhours and inhibiting the potential they had to cater to more clients.

Improving the Process
Post-Odoo implementation, they have now streamlined the operation regarding the tracking process as with the usage of the CRM app, they now have all clients tracked at different stages throughout the process, all linked with the necessary data the team would need to begin the application prices without having to reach out to get raw data.

According to the team at Always Improving, "It now takes no more than 10-15 seconds to generate an invoice with Odoo. This saved a lot of time, resulting in a more effective workflow, better contract management, and more room for editing any information".

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