Al-Ghomlas Wallpaper & Wood Floor lays foundations with Odoo

Al-Ghomlas Wallpaper & Wood Floor

Company Name: Al-Ghomlas Wallpaper & Wood Floor

Country: KSA

Implementing Partner: SLNEE

Industry: Retail

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Expenses, Leaves/Time Off, Recruitment, Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Invoicing, Website, E-commerce

Number of Odoo Users: 59

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Rakan Jamjoum (raja)

The Star!

In 1684, the first use of wood floors was in the Versailles Palace in France, to be considered an icon of luxurious palaces, adding an aesthetic of decoration. The product has spread worldwide, and the wooden flooring topped the designs of decorators until it became a landmark of beauty in interior decoration design. Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not isolated from the world, the Saudi companies compete to bring these products. Al-Ghomlas Trading Company became the first company specializing in wood floors (parquet) in 2008. They first launched for Al-Ghomlas Trading Company to provide high-quality wood floors for the requirements of interior decoration for designers, exhibitions and customers by providing the finest products, distinguished by the quality of the industry and the luxury of the product designed and implemented by specialized technicians.

Problems & Solutions

With around 11 branches and one main warehouse that supplies to sub stores and each sub store supplies the nearest branches, they have a massive operation that demands constant upkeep. As a company as widely established as they are, having such a diverse operation could be the make or break for any company of that size. At the time, they struggled to connect all the branches and the store site. They could not accurately loop in the storefronts and their warehouses accurately and efficiently. The biggest thorn in a giant's side is being too big to communicate with the other organs. In comes Odoo with the multi-company solution to pluck that pesky thorn out of the giants' way. With a fully integrated and connected solution, the stores and warehouses have communicated in real-time, passing on requested items from store to store and tracking all data going in and out. 

They provide a multitude of different products and services. Mainly customized measurements and consultation for parquets, wallpapers, wallcoverings, WPC, Foams and PVC, so they needed a system to keep track of all these appointments and requirements, which they had been struggling to keep up with. They also have different sales methods – wholesale and retail, requiring constant and accurate records with the finance department moreover. Various return policies are based on product categories or specific products, which also need documentation and tracking. The integrated workflows within Odoo have assisted in keeping track of the sales workflow, transfer workflow and all material requests, all while registering entries in accounting.  

Regarding the procurement cycle, they have products from within KSA and imported from abroad. However, they mainly import the goods from international suppliers. Since most of their goods are imported, they have been struggling with keeping an accurate and organized account of all their international vendors, causing a back delay in processing orders regularly. With Odoo, they were now able to customize the related modules to include shipping status, landed costs and other miscellaneous costs associated with procurement. 

And last but not least, the cherry on top is that the eCommerce platform is directly on Odoo to further integrate all workflows and create a complete, self-sufficient system that is smooth and autonomous.

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