7th Dimension excels with Odoo!

Company Name: Seventh Dimension

Country: Kuwait

Industry: Trading

Implementing PartnerPlennix Technologies

Main Apps implemented: eCommerce, Forum, Appointments, Blogs, Website, Studio, Barcode, Sales, Purchase, Project, Point of Sale, Recruitment, Leaves, Expenses, Contacts, Dashboards, Accounting Attendances, Notes, Manufacturing, Email Marketing, Maintenance, Discuss, Live Chat, Helpdesk, Calendar, Invoicing, Sign, Appraisal Employees, CRM, Timesheets, Surveys, Fleet, Documents, Inventory& Internet of Things. 

Odoo Users: 160

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Yousef Abusaker.

The Star!

Founded in 2010, Seventh Dimension is a Kuwait-based enterprise that unifies smart device distribution, retail, e-commerce, and home service under one corporate umbrella. They are a leading partner to global powerhouse brands, including Anker Innovations, RAVPower, WizGear & Patchworks. They are diversifying their portfolio daily as they incorporate best-in-class, innovative smart device accessories from new categories to improve their customers' daily lives.

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