Do it now: improve sales with a live chat software for websites

Three perfect reasons to set up live chat on your web platform

Looking for a product or information in a real shop is quite easy. 

Can't find what you need? Having trouble understanding the difference between two products or all of the features? Not sure what item best meets your needs? All you have to do is walk up to the nearest employee and ask.

The online experience, on the other hand, can sometimes be tricky. 

Either you're faced with information overload, or you're forced to look up the information elsewhere. Both situations can lead to less interest in the product and less chance of it being bought. The web has recently become the most widely used communication channel for customer service, and users' increasingly high standards in terms of products and services leave less and less room for doubt. This often means that they will not buy an item unless they're 100% sure they can make a stress-free return.

This is where live chat on websites comes in handy. Live chat gives customers the opportunity to have their questions answered in real time and keeps them connected to your company. Data shows live chat tools are becoming a must-have.

If you think that your website or your e-commerce might be suffering from "disconnected user syndrome", keep reading to find out why live chat can be the turning point for your business and how we do it at Odoo!

Live chat leads to happy customers

Many businesses have added live chat support to their customer care routine. According to a recent study, 44% of online shoppers said immediate contact with a live person during an online purchase is a determinant feature on a website.
The live chat experience is the most effortless customer service channel. In a click, and with the same effort it would require to Google the question, the potential customer can get an accurate answer and maybe a little extra useful information directly from the company selling the product. 

Immediate access to assistance, significantly reduced waiting times and no cross channel effort (no calling or emailing) make the customer happy - or turn a prospect into a customer, possibly a returning one. Some 62% of users said they'd be more likely to purchase from the site again, and a staggering 38% of respondents attributed their purchase to a live chat session.
Happy, informed customers mean more revenue and long lasting relationships.

The Odoo Way

Every Odoo user (whether they pay or not) can contact the Odoo Support team at the touch of a button. This is the principle behind the Odoo live chat tool. Thanks to the pop up window, users will be less likely to stray from our website. If you need support from Odoo, you can simply click on the live chat icon to kickstart a conversation with an expert for immediate guidance and help.

Live chat reduces expenses and increases efficiency

This principle works both ways: live chat provides the user with what they need at no added cost and is a tool that significantly reduces expenses and might add extra benefits to the business.
If the client saves by not having to pay for lengthy phone calls or waste their time listening to on-hold music, companies can save on the overall cost of call centers.
Firstly, live chat lowers average interaction costs - there's no need to set up and pay for extra phone lines. Secondly, live chat increases efficiency: staff can handle multiple chats simultaneously, as opposed to handling phone calls, thus reducing the need to hire more representatives. In addition, operators can even multi-task during chat conversations whilst the customer is following directions or typing long messages. Obviously, operators should prioritize live chats over any other task.

The Odoo Way

Through live chat, Odoo offers an extra layer of support that's completely effortless for the client and the expert. Your Odoo contact is not just a trained professional, but someone with perfect hands-on knowledge of the software and modules acquired through functional or development experience. The angle of the answer will often be that of a specialist knowing the tool inside out because they made it, or work with it on a daily basis.

Live chat boosts sales

Live chat done right can boost sales, says Forbes, and even lead to increased upselling results, testify other sources. 
Not only can immediate, precise answers guide confused consumers through a sale, (thus decreasing bounce rate and abandoned carts) but also encourages them to purchase more than they originally intended to.
A customer getting the appropriate answer from an employee that understands their needs, is a customer open to listening. And if it's suitable, the employee is in a position to suggest additional purchases in line with the customer’s needs.

The Odoo Way

Our experts available via Odoo chat perfectly understand the nature of the software and its real life implementations. Once the issue is solved, the Odoo specialist (who is trained to detect needs and solve issues at the same time) will scan the conversation and recommend tools, modules and hacks to simplify the customer’s life.

Happy customers, increased efficiency, lower costs and boosted sales: live chat implementation can actually be a no-fuss turning point for a business, both on the revenue and the customer loyalty sides. 

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