Upload custom images to use as a vivid background of your survey *or* to better illustrate certain questions/answers.

Unlimited Surveys and Forms

Add as many questions as you'd like. Utilize the 'no question limit' to gather as much (or as little) information as possible.

Live Sessions

Hosts manage the tempo of a real-time survey, having an audience collectively participate, wherein they see the results of responses after every question.

Smooth Database Synchronization

All information gathered from surveys are automatically assigned to the matching entry in Odoo's fully-integrated database.

No Data Loss

All survey results are automatically saved and readily available.

Direct Database Access

Directly from the survey tool, access your database with ease, and quickly share polls for simple response gathering.

Merged Database

Automated database import, export, and/or matching.

Real-Time Analysis

Utilize the 'See Results' feature to view real-time results, metrics, and charts - based on responses.

Action Helper

The Action Helper (which appears when no surveys are found) provides the option to load one of the three template surveys to start testing the app right away.

Conditional Display Rules Propagation

When copying a survey, its conditional display rules are also propagated to the copy.

Image Zoom

Zoom-in on images when taking a survey.

Kanban View

Improved the design of the Kanban view to provide a better overview, making it easy to jump into any result.

Live Sessions End Messages

End Messages are now displayed on Live Sessions.

Question Layout

The question layout is based on rules to make the form as neat as possible.

User Input Promenade

Review participants' results and collaborate with them.