Manufacturing orders

Create and manage unlimited manufacturing orders that are automatically configured based on the Bill of Materials selected.

Work orders

Break down your manufacturing orders into work orders, which can be subdivided into smaller steps.

Bills of Materials

Configure multiple Bills of Materials for every product you produce, and configure them with required components and operations.

Work centers

Assign work orders to specific work centers where they can be carried out.


Use a barcode scanner to trigger operations and simplify manufacturing workflows.


Master Production Schedule

Understand forecasted stock and demand to influence long-term manufacturing planning.

Flexible planning

Plan production by work center or work orders.


Use the built-in scheduler to automatically or manually maintain component levels and manage operations.

Shop Floor

MO cards

View and manage all of your manufacturing orders in a single location.

WO cards

Complete work orders from their own dedicated cards, grouped by the work center where they are carried out.

Time tracking

Track the total time worked by each employee, and the overall time spent on each work order.


BoM updates

Revise Bills of Materials based on employee and customer feedback.

New products

Manage the introduction of new products from concept through deployment.

Approval management

Control who can approve or deny suggested changes to Bills of Materials.


Quality Control Points

Automate the creation of quality checks to ensure that inspections are happening at regular intervals.

Quality checks

Choose from a variety of quality check types to ensure every product is properly inspected.

Quality Alerts

Create alerts when product defects are found, and suggest corrective and preventive actions.



View all scheduled and predicted maintenance in a dedicated calendar view.


Track every piece of equipment and view relevant statistics for each, including Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

Work centers

Automatically calculate and track key work center statistics, including cost per hour, capacity, and time efficiency.


Manufacturing and work orders

Compare the quantity of each product manufactured, the expected duration of work orders, and more.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

See the impact of material availability and equipment failure on productive time.

Production analysis

Understand the cost per unit of every product you manufacture.