Partner Onboarding: Project Leader

Partner Onboarding: Project Leader

You're part of an Odoo Partner team and intend to be their next BA/PM star? This training is for you!

Please contact your Odoo Account Manager to sign up for the course.


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最后更新 2023年11月02日
完成时间 3天 5小时 40分钟
成员 5740
基础的 中级
  • Week 1 and Week 2
    5课程 8小时 10分钟
    • Why did we create this course?
    • 预览
    • Use Case 1: Super Fast, Super Clean
    • Use Case 2: The motorcycle company
    • Use Case 3: The T-shirt company
  • Week 3
    7课程 19小时 45分钟
    • Let's continue your Onboarding !
    • Introduction to Odoo Implementation Methodology
    • Why Odoo?
    • Sales Department Introduction
    • The basic Technico-functional knowledge (Odoo Studio)
    • Accounting : Advanced knowledge
    • Basic data import
  • Week 4
    7课程 8小时 45分钟
    • Business Analysis
    • Project life cycle
    • Identifying different project types
    • Project documentation
    • How to prepare and hold the kick-off meeting
    • How to phase my project?
    • Mind Maps, PKB, Documentation & Forum
  • Week 5
    6课程 10小时 45分钟
    • ROI analysis (former GAP analysis)
    • How to present a feature to your customer
    • Some project How-to's
    • Odoo transversal knowledge
    • Challenge the customer
    • Use case 4: POS
  • Week 6
    4课程 4小时
    • Data migration: how to make the right choices
    • Configuration vs Customization vs Development
    • How to effectively communicate with my customer
    • How to make the go live happen?
  • Week 7
    7课程 13小时 45分钟
    • Advanced Technico-functional knowledge
    • Advanced Data Import
    • Writing specifications
    • What kind of support can I expect from Odoo?
    • PM/BA Projects
    • Progress report
    • Prepare your Odoo Certification
  • Want to go further?
    9课程 12小时 30分钟
    • Massive data import
    • Data import: Variants and product's pictures
    • Multicompany : when and when not?
    • Google spreadsheet: Theory and Use Cases
    • Create your own financial reports
    • All about Odoo's portal
    • Lead times
    • All about properties
    • User offboarding : Best practices