Abays Trading PLC
Abays Trading PLC
ABAY TRADING PLC is a leading Agro Processing and Exporting company, engaged in the production of Ethiopian Traditional food products like Kolo (Fired Barley), BESO, GEBS, Bread, and Bread Crumps. The company is automated for many agro-processing operations like roasting and color sorting. There are approximately 500 people working in the industry to run the production of more than 30 products manufactured by the company.

ABAY TRADING PLC implemented Odoo with TRIGA's help in almost all of their departments. The ODOO ERP solution provided by THRIGA solved a lot of run-times issues and improved the running of their company.

Ethio Cement implements Odoo mainly for the cost analysis of cement production. The frequent unpredictable fluctuations in the cost of raw materials and coal (fuel) make the cost of cement production very hectic and time-consuming. With our expertise in cost analysis we designed a custom module, that enabled them to get the cost of cement production in just a few clicks at any time anywhere!
GETASEW AYALEW IMPORT AND EXPORT หัก ณ ที่จ่าย 1% (ค่าขนส่ง)
Getasew Ayalew Import & Export is one of leading high caliber business
companies in Ethiopia. It has been able to offer its customers a comprehensive
trade service tailored to the needs of each clients. Getasew Ayalew import and
Export is a Sole proprietorship company which has been established February
22, 2003 E.C and it is mainly involved its business on import and export,
manufacturing, real-estate, and construction machinery rental.
INFINITY Advanced Technology Solutions PLC
INFINITY Advanced Technology Solutions PLC การติดต่อสื่อสาร
Infinity Advanced Technology solutions plc (formerly known as Boston Consulting) provides a complete portfolio of services tailored to its clients’ businesses and IT needs for today while catering for the future. Using our core areas of expertise in consulting, implementing business critical IT solutions, Odoo Implementation and Customization, PACS and RIS Implementation, training and support, we enable our clients to maximize their competitive advantage. The number of successful implementations support that we continue to provide at various client sites over the past several years have helped us develop a good reputation in this highly competitive market place.
Keste Damena Rainbow Foam and Plastic Industry
Keste Damena Rainbow Foam and Plastic Industry
Keste Damena started producing polyurethane foam in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia over 25 years ago. Today it has expanded into other sectors but remains highly focused in the manufacturing of foam products. It was founded and established in 1995 by Mr. Abeselom Yehdego.

ETTA Solutions' focus will be in automating the production of foams and furniture.
Lewis Retails
Lewis Retails Wholesale/Retail
Lewis Retails (Previously BAMBIS)

Bambis Super Market is one of the oldest and best supermarkets in Addis Ababa Catering to all international and local supermarket needs.
Bambis is well known for quality and certified product listing. It is preferred for its central location in the city.
Bambis has been acquired by Belayab Group which their portfolio includes Belaybe foods (Pizza Hut, Burger King), Belayab motors (Kia) ...... and reopened in March 2020.
MERQ Consultancy PLC
MERQ Consultancy PLC
MERQ (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Quality Improvement) Consultancy PLC is a consulting firm established by a team of qualified professional experts with extensive experience in areas of public health, monitoring and evaluation, research, organizational capacity assessment, situational analysis, survey, health informatics, database design, data analysis and interpretation, development of guidelines, SOPs, and manuals, as well as event organization. A professional company providing Monitoring & Evaluation, Research, Quality Improvement, and training on health and social sciences. We aspire to provide highly professional services with an African flavor.
Medequip Trading PLC
Medequip Trading PLC วิทยาศาสตร์
Medequip Trading PLC and Flow Specialty dialysis Clinic are sister companies founded by senior medical doctors with many years of experience in the health sector. After understanding the vast gap between the supply and demand of dialysis availability and expenses of the vital service the owners decided to start their own dialysis center with affordable pricing and high-quality treatment for patience. As dialysis center requires imported medical components in order to reduce their service to the low/Middle income patient the company decided to Start Mediquip trading plc in order to import the necessary supplies for the needed for the country as a whole and for Flow in particular. The flow is treating in 100’s of patients that can’t afford dialysis in order to save as many lives as possible. The company is in the process of expanding its operation to Hospital level.
National Transport PLC is a member of East African Holding, Ethiopia. NTPLC is into Trucking services with a fleet of 200 trucks and trailers. They have profound business involvement in the fields of Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Storage.
The ERP provided to the company includes functionalities of Accounting and Finance, Asset Management, Purchases, and Contracting (Procurement), Fleet Management, Inventory Management System, Sales and Distribution, Workshop Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources Management
Payroll Functionality, Business Intelligence, Audit System, Reporting / real-time dashboard, War room monitors
Saron Rose Agrofarm PLC
Saron Rose Agrofarm PLC
Modules: Farm locations with the detailed division into blocks and sub-blocks, Multiwarehouse, Farming, Harvest, Grading, Rejections, Sales order management, Export Documentation, SKU Management, Inventory Management, Biometric integrated attendance and Payroll.
The software was customized to accommodate the two companies that are there under the same group which worked independently but interconnected