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Chilalo Food Complex
Chilalo Food Complex
Chilalo Food Complex, a beacon of culinary excellence and innovation in Ethiopia, recently embarked on a transformative journey with ETTA Solutions PLC. As their trusted Odoo silver partner, we have meticulously crafted an end-to-end automation solution tailored to their unique business needs.

Our collaboration began with a comprehensive analysis of Chilalo's operations to identify key areas for digital enhancement. Recognizing the potential for optimization, we implemented the following Odoo modules and services:

Inventory Management:

We introduced an automated inventory system that tracks stock levels in real-time, facilitating seamless order fulfillment and reducing waste through precise demand forecasting.
Sales and CRM:

Our team deployed Odoo's robust CRM and Sales modules, enabling Chilalo to manage customer interactions effortlessly, track leads, and convert them into sales with unparalleled efficiency.
Point of Sale (POS):

The integration of Odoo's POS system has revolutionized Chilalo's retail operations, offering an intuitive interface for employees and an agile checkout process for customers.

Automating the procurement process, Odoo's Purchasing module assists Chilalo in maintaining optimal inventory levels, managing vendor relationships, and negotiating better terms.

We tailored Odoo's Manufacturing module to Chilalo's production lines, streamlining workflows, and ensuring real-time monitoring of manufacturing processes.
Accounting and Finance:

The Odoo Accounting module has been pivotal in automating Chilalo's financial transactions, offering comprehensive reporting tools, and simplifying tax compliance.
Human Resources:

By integrating the HR module, we've automated employee management, from recruitment to payroll, attendance, and performance evaluations.
Marketing Automation:

Chilalo's marketing campaigns are now powered by Odoo's Marketing Automation, delivering targeted content and driving customer engagement.
Website and eCommerce:

With a fully integrated eCommerce platform and website builder, Chilalo now enjoys a robust online presence, attracting customers and processing orders 24/7.
The result? A seamless, interconnected ecosystem where data flows effortlessly between departments, driving efficiency, and providing Chilalo Food Complex with a competitive edge in the market.

ETTA Solutions PLC is proud to have been instrumental in this digital transformation, showcasing our commitment to excellence and the capabilities of Odoo's comprehensive suite of business applications.
Jerr PLC
Jerr PLC
Jerr plc is a private limited company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company was founded in 2006 and has since grown rapidly. Jerr plc operates in a number of different sectors, including import and export, trading of agricultural products, real estate development, construction, and manufacturing.

The company is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers. Jerr plc also supports a number of community initiatives, including education, health care, and environmental protection.

Jerr plc is a growing company with a bright future. The company plans to expand its operations in Ethiopia and to enter new markets in Africa. Jerr plc is also committed to innovation and is always looking for new ways to improve its products and services in the below sectors:

- Import and export: Jerr plc imports and exports a wide range of goods, including agricultural products, construction materials, consumer goods, and industrial machinery.

- Trading of agricultural products: Jerr plc trades in agricultural products, such as coffee, tea, and spices. The company has a strong network of suppliers and buyers, which allows it to source the best possible products at competitive prices.

- Real estate development: The company has a number of projects in the pipeline, including the construction of a shopping mall, a residential complex, and an office building. Jerr plc is committed to developing high-quality real estate projects that will contribute to the economic development of Ethiopia.

- Construction: The company has a team of experienced engineers and contractors who are capable of carrying out a wide range of construction projects. Jerr plc has built a number of schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings in Ethiopia.

- Manufacturing: The company has a factory in Addis Ababa where it produces a variety of products, including furniture, clothing, and food. Jerr plc is committed to producing high-quality products that meet the needs of Ethiopian consumers.