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Astron Associates SA
Spécialiste en gestion d'infrastructures IT, maintenance informatique, sécurité réseau et cloud services, Astron Associates accompagne le développement des entreprises en leur proposant des solutions informatiques adaptées à leur taille et à leur organisation.
Australian Target Systems Pty Ltd.
Australian Target Systems is Australia’s most experienced live fire target systems business, with a history that dates back to the 1950’s. Today, ATS is the dominant provider of live fire target systems to the Australian Defence Force.
Cargas Especiales Mincho
Compañía líder en Centroamérica en transporte de cargas especiales.Traemos soluciones donde los demás solo ven problemas.
Entre los apps que utilizan de Odoo para mejorar sus procesos son: Proyectos, Contabilidad, Contabilidad Analítica, CRM, Inventarios, Ventas, y Compras.
Del Monte Philippines Inc
Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) is a leading manufacturer of food and beverages. It operates the largest integrated pineapple operation in the world, growing pineapples across 20,000 hectares in Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental. It accounts for about a tenth of the world's annual production of processed pineapple products.

DMPI use odoo to manage the sell-out of all their distributors all around the country. Toolkit developed a custom Distributor Management System to cater their own workflow and process. Other modules developed for DMPI are the Odoo Purchase Automation Module (that replaced their Salesforce Web App) and the Continuous Replenishment Module (CRP) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) that helps both the distributor and DMPI determine what products to purchase based on Demand Forecast, Inventory On hand and Incoming Deliveries.
ECL Languagues
ECL (European Consultant Languages) ofrece servicios traduccion de documentos y localización. Disponen de una amplia red de lingüistas en todo el mundo. Su gestion de ventas y presupuestos esta soportada por Odoo mdiante intergación con sistemas Cat Tools.
Energiefreiheit GmbH Energy Supply
Die Idee Energiefreiheit ist entstanden durch Gedanken an unsere heutige Welt und die ständig steigenden Energiekosten.
Wir sollten frei sein, unsere Energie zu wählen! Das ist der Grundgedanke für unser Konzept!
Der Ur-Sprungs-Gedanke: Was brauchen wir zum Leben? Zum gesund leben?
Wir brauchen Sonne, (Licht, saubere Luft, Wärme) und Ursprungs- Wasser in 1. Linie!

FinancePlan+ Finanz- und Versicherungsmakler GmbH Finance/Insurance
FinancePlan+ Finanz- und Versicherungsmakler GmbH
Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys)
A consulting company spanning two verticals—viz., automation technology and Telecommunication technology, Innovative Systems focuses on implementing relevant solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Innovative Systems has business and technology partners around the globe.

At Innovative Systems, customer satisfaction through our quality services is priority. We provide you with true value-for-investment solutions, technological advantages, and immediate reliable support.

Our focus areas are Automation Technology and Telecommunication Technology.
KOBA Vision werd in 1988 opgericht door blinden en slechtzienden elektronicus Johan Haagdorens.
Zijn zoektocht naar een leesapparaat met een groot scherm was het motief voor hem om de beeldschermloepen door hemzelf te produceren.
Het resultaat was een hoge kwaliteit beeldschermloep die specifiek aan de eisen voldoet voor de visueel gehandicapten.