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Lewis Retails
Lewis Retails Toptan/Perakende
Lewis Retails (Previously BAMBIS)

Bambis Super Market is one of the oldest and best supermarkets in Addis Ababa Catering to all international and local supermarket needs.
Bambis is well known for quality and certified product listing. It is preferred for its central location in the city.
Bambis has been acquired by Belayab Group which their portfolio includes Belaybe foods (Pizza Hut, Burger King), Belayab motors (Kia) ...... and reopened in March 2020.
Tagrow Business PLC
Tagrow Business PLC
Tagrow Business PLC is a 25+ years experienced Ethiopian-based company providing high-quality products and services. It exports a wide range of Ethiopian-produced agricultural products such as Pulses, Cereals, Oil Seed,Coffee Beans, Spices. The company also imports, assembles and distributes Indian Hero two-wheelers and Italian Piaggio three-wheelers all over the country being the pioneers in assembling and distribution of 3 wheelers. The company also owns and operates a car battery factory distributed all over Ethiopia.