Share your Customer Success Story

One of the most powerful ways to encourage leads to take that final hurdle and buy from you is with a great customer success story. Case studies & success stories let you showcase one customer's experience as an example of what to expect from you and your product or service. They give you the chance to:

  • Address the challenges your target audience face

  • Embrace the authenticity of a real client

  • Ease any concerns potential customers may have

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Set the scene & introduce the customer

Template:  Company X is ____.  For ____ they have helped ____ to ____.  They believe ____.  Their goal is ____.

Example:  Room & Board is a furniture and home furnishings retailer. For more than 35 years they have helped families to create practical, comfortable and timeless living spaces. They believe the surroundings you live in should be a reflection of who you are. Their goal is to provide the most helpful, personal and convenient service possible to their customers.

Explain the problem / need *

Template:  Company X were struggling to ____.  As a result they couldn't ____.  They needed ____.
Example: Room & Board were struggling to provide a seamless customer experience across their physical store and online. As a result they couldn't deliver a buying process completely tailored and relevant to each customer. They needed a way to connect their digital presence to their real-world interactions with customers.

What solution have you implemented? *

Template:  Solution Y allows Company X to ____. Thanks to ____, ____. Now Company X uses Solution Y to ____.
Example:  The Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows Room & Board to merge its online and in-person selling process. Thanks to its database of purchasing decisions and predictive intelligence, the business can create deeper and more personal relationships with customers through automated recommendations. Now Room & Board uses the Marketing Cloud to send all of their customer communication.

How did things get better for your client after the Odoo implementation? *

Template:  Solution Y has helped Company X to ____. Their goal of ____ is now ____. As a result they ____.
Example: The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has helped Room & Board to generate a 40% higher average order value. Their goal of delighting their customers with a personalised service is now simpler to achieve than ever. As a result they have seen an ROI of 2800%.