Odoo Partners' Business - Guidelines

How is the business going, year over year?

How many people do you have working on Odoo, by role :  - In the Sales department?

- In the Developer Service?

- In the Functional Service?

- In the Marketing department?

How many clients do you have on Odoo?

What percentage of your clients already had a solution (replacing market)?

What is your main bottleneck for growth?

Why do you loose deals?

How expensive are you compared to the competition?

What percentage of your business is on Odoo?

What's your average project size (in EUR)?

What percentage of your projects are (in %)? - Fixed Price:

- Time and Material based (in %) ?

How much do you charge per day (in EUR)? - For a Developer?

- For a Business Analyst?

- For a Project Manager?

Do you have an implementation methodology? If yes, summarize the key practices.

Do you have a good template of an offer? If yes, could you send it to clo@odoo.com?

What are the main decisions you took over the past years, to help your company to grow?

When did you start selling services on Odoo? (e.g. 2015)

If you balance Odoo's strength and weaknesses, how would you compare the product with competitors?

What are your strength / weaknesses as a service company?

How would you compare your services with the competitors?

How can Odoo SA help you? What do you expect from us?

Where should Odoo SA invest primarily in the future (total 100%)?

What killing feature should we add to the product?

What is the main usability improvement we can do in the product?

What do you think about Odoo 9 - Enterprise version?

What's the most difficult thing to do when you start as a new partner?

What is the name of your Company?

Can we contact you if we have any further questions?

Do you have any other comments?