VOIP with Odoo: AlloCloud

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Jacques Gripekoven

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1. Telephony with Odoo jacques.gripekoven@allocloud.com

14. Thank you for your attention jacques.gripekoven@allocloud.com

13. Thank you for your attention  jacques.gripekoven@allocloud.com

7. www. allo cloud. com ... What you really need to know

2. www. allo cloud. com Vision On premise

3. www. allo cloud. com Traditional Telephony Office Classic Carrier network Classic Phone ISDN PBX

12. www. allo cloud. com What’s in it for you? • Odoo Partner: • ALLOcloud Referral Partner • ALLOcloud Reseller • White Label Partner (ALLOcloud - >Your brand)

11. www. allo cloud. com What’s in it for you? • Odoo End - User: • Professional telephony • Lower costs • Dematerialization • Productivity

6. www. allo cloud. com What people pretend you need to know... SIP RTP G711 G729 RTP DTMF PRA ISDN SBC VPN CPU SCU VM ...

8. www. allo cloud. com Admin Interface • Management of the IPBX • Very intuitive • Documentation on http:// doc.allocloud.com/v3/odoo Screencasts on: https :// vimeo.com/allocloud

9. www. allo cloud. com O doo integration IP phones Internet PSTN Internet connection • Native web softphone in Odoo • WebRTC Firefox or Chrome • Nothing to install Native softphone i n Odoo web page Smartphone SIP + REST - JSON APIs

5. www. allo cloud. com Vision of Cloud Telephony • O T T (Over T he Top = Internet connectivity independent) • Pay per use • Simple to market • Simple to manage • Simple to install • Simple to integrate Must bring much more value than today’s PBX!

10. www. allo cloud. com Features • Odoo is your phone • Click to call • Call campaigns • Screen popup on incoming call • Call are listed in your activities • Agenda integration (iCal) • Possible other integrations: • Video support • Fax out • Call recording - > Odoo

4. www. allo cloud. com Cloud IP Telephony Hotspot Smartphone Virtual IPBX i n the Cloud Internet PSTN Smartphone Office Doorphone Fax PC/Mac IP Phone • Cheaper • Flexible • Everywhere • On all devices • Voice, video, Instant Messaging... Tablet Remote Office/Home IP Phone Internet


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