Odoo Live Chat: tips and tricks to convert more visitors and offer real time support

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Nicoleta Tristan - Business Analyst, Odoo

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9. The risk of Live chat

11. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

1. Odoo Live Chat: tips & tricks to convert more visitors and offer real time support Nicoleta TRISTAN • Customer Engagement EXPERIENCE 2016


7. Key features Collaborative – Invite Feature Flexible – create your own channel Quantifiable – reports Live reaction – discuss on the spot Real results – leads & users helped

4. How to target your audience Do they need information or your services/product? • The decision maker or scout? • The IT guy, the sales, the boss Who are you talking to? • Are they just fishing for info? Is there a follow-up? • Are they interested in buying ?

10. Conclusion Why use Odoo Live Chat? • Everything integrated • Flexible • Real time • Collaborative

3. Introduction Why use the live chat? • Offer instant support to your visitors • Manage your helpdesk through the live chat • Qualify leads Is the live chat a good fit for your company? • Use it a tool to offer information • Use it as means for helpdesk • Attract people • Convert visitors into leads

2. Introduction 1 How to target your audience? How to lead the conversation? What type of chat is it? Conclusion 2 3 4 5 Key features Demo 6 7

6. How to lead the conversation Ask the right questions • Which one of your product/services they want? • Are you using other solutions/products? • Are they a company, individual? • Can I call/contact you today? Aim towards a demo or a deal • Can I show you how it works • Can we schedule a call? • Are you interested in buying ? • Can we schedule a follow-up • Invite someone else in your company in your chat

5. Helpdesk Lead Aquisition ● How to Qs ● Can your product? ● I am getting an error ● Is your product managed... ● Help locally ● Help in the same language What type of chat is it? ● I am interested in your product ● Your product vs a competitor ● I was interested in OpenERP ● My business needs ● My business is struggling ● Looking for a solution


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