Manage payments using checks, deposit slips and SEPA

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

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1. Arthur Maniet, Developer Manage Payments in Odoo Using Checks and Deposit Slips and SEPA

4. Receive checks - Group received checks into a batch deposit. - Print the batch deposit summary and handle the checks to your bank. - When you receive the bank statement, use the batch deposit reference to seamlessly match the transaction with the payments

5. Pay by SEPA - Only requirement : a bank account in euro and a proper IBAN - When registering new payments, select ‘SEPA Credit Transfer’ as payment method - When it’s time to send the payments, filter ‘SEPA payments to send’, export the payments to a file and send the file to your bank.

2. Overall process Invoice Payment Statement Reconciliation Modules can add payment facilities (eg. wire transfer, check printing). We’ll se how to integrate 3 common payment methods in Odoo. Payment methods are configured per company and/or bank account.

6. Odoo +32 (0) 2 290 34 90 R&D and services office Chaussée de Namur 40 B-1367 Grand Rosière Sales office Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse 5 B-1160 Brussels Thank You For further informations, visit the accounting workshop

3. Pay by check Print. Sign. Send. - Native support for voucher checks (check on top / middle / bottom) - Creating a new template only requires basic CSS skills and patience - Stub can spill on several pages - Payments in Odoo always keep reference of the check number - Print check on the spot or print them in batch


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