How to optimize your visibility as a partner

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Xavier Symons - Business Advisor, Odoo

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25. Thank you for your time ! #odoo

9. A references ensures your prospect that the whole process will work out ! To be sure he is not the first nor the last one to do this journey with you.

3. Website Get right the basics 1

7. References The trustbuilder 2

12. Mass Mailings Low cost but efficient 3

18. Referrals Use your customer base 5

21. Events Target your local audience 6

10. Odoo Websites gives you the opportunity to put some references under your name ! Use it. Only condition is that the customer is under an enterprise contract. More than 40% of end customers told us it was the main trigger to call one of our partners.

22. What events to attend ? Get into your local fairs . You will meet people from your region , try to make sure the attending people are in your target group. Use the Odoo roadshow opportunity , especially if your country hasn’t hosted an Odoo event in the last 2 years . Odoo takes care of everything and you will benefit from our marketing power.

8. 64% of IT B2B decision makers use search engines to find white papers/case histories in preparation for their purchase. The Role of Digital Media in the IT Purchase Process, Google

6. What to do with it ? SEO is probably the most important thing to do. Make sure all your pages are well referenced . By being ranked up high in the search engines you will have to spend less on marketing. PPC ( Pay Per Click) campaign , use the different systems to buy some online visibility . But make sure to only spend money for people visiting your website . A blog with articles adressing your audience is a nice way to get people comming back to your website .

15. Webinars 4

1. How to increase your visibility as an Odoo partner. And get more customers Xavier Symons • Channel Account Manager EMEA

13. Mass mailing is a very good marketing tool. It can improve your image and bring in some business. But be carefull, it can also give you a very negative image ! Don’t spam and make sure your content is interesting. A good way to get inspired is to subscribe to your competitors newsletters.

14. Use links to your website , so that you will be able to track the effectiveness of your campaign. Make sure to identify properly your target audience so you can send interesting messages to your audience. Sending unsolicited mails will harm your image. Make it visual, not too long and make sure it is responsive.

2. Website References Mass Mailing Webinars 1 2 3 4 Referrals 5 6 Events

5. How to make it better ● Make your website as SEO friendly as possible ● Plan it right, understand what people are looking for, adress the right audience and plan the navigation ● Make sure it is responsive, all of it

19. What makes referral marketing so powerfull ? People you will interact with thanks to referral marketing already know someone convinced by your services. People tend to trust their relatives more than “normal” marketing. With today’s medias and ways to communicate the referrals are not only limited to the people your customer interacts daily with . You will access their whole contact database directly .

4. Importance of your website ● Your website will be your first contact with your potential customer ● It’s accessible 24/7/365 ● It increases your credibility ● Will potentially provide you your most leads ● Don’t invest in PPC if your website is not good

17. How to make them better ● Show registrant count ● Create urgency ● Make a calendar of upcoming webinars ● Share free content ● Follow - up ● Use a good structure : Main benefits / Additional information / Our offer, about the company

20. How to use it ? ● Provide exceptional customer service and buying experience ● Pay attention to your analytics ● Make it easy for your customers to refer to you ● Implement a real referral program ● Capitalize on influencers ● Get good reviews, everywhere

16. Why you should use them ● Strong Intent ● You get more information than a generic lead ● Less geographical boundaries ● They are free for the customer ● Partner up with another company / product ● Access to their customer base ● Word of mouth

11. Some Tips & Tricks to good references ● Avoid complex wordings ● Be objective ● Use quotes ● Give background information ● Be specific ● Be transparent ● Be accurate ● Address Budget and ROI ● Reward your customer ● Ask Odoo to help you promote your best stories


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