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FEFO Strategy: First Expired First Out

Learn how to set up and use the first expired, first out (FEFO) removal strategy to streamline your picking process in Odoo. 

0:00 - Intro 

1:03 - Enable Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates 

1:40 - Configure Product 

2:38 - Check Expiration with Lots 

3:54 - Configure Removal Strategy on Product Category 

4:59 - FEFO Flow 

6:07 - Conclusion

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2. The FEFO removal strategy is based on which date field in Odoo?
3. You have the following products and lot numbers in stock: LOT 1 (Removal Date: November 2, On-hand Qty: 20) and LOT 2 (Removal Date: April 13, On-hand Qty: 13) How many products from each lot are picked for an order of 20 products, placed on January 1 of the same year?