Bending the Odoo Learning Curve

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

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2. An Odoo learning curve?

1. Odoo Development Essentials Odoo Experience 2015 Alexandre Fayolle | Daniel Reis

12. The Odoo Development Essentials book 1/ A step-by-step introduction 2/ Deeper dive into each development topic Visit  F ree sample chapter

4. Choose to use a Linux server  Windows or Linux? Linux is better for production (workers) Linux has better community support Linux has more cloud deployment options  I don't know Linux! Use an Ubuntu Server VM Lots of online resources Learning curve will pay off

5. Develop remotely on your server  Work on your OS and IDE of choice Use SAMBA to share an access server files Pilot Odoo instances through SSH shell Debug server side using pdb ( pudb , ipdb )

6. Get to know your tools  Explore Python using its shell  Get familiar with tuples, lists and dicts  Try and learn Git and the fork workflow  Code editor w/ integrated style/lint checking  Official docs:

8. What the docs don't tell you  Expect major version to be incompatible  Master branch is “API unstable”  Modules are just Python + Data records!  You need automated tests  Fix WARNING log messages

9. Basics about dev workflow  “Technical Features” and “Developer Mode”  Can't see your module? Check addons path  Module upgrade: reloads data and db struct  Server restart: reloads Python code  Or do both: ./ -d db -u module

11. Deepening your knowledge  Experiment with the Odoo server API Odoo shell command ERPPeek client  Explore the Odoo code Use grep to find usage examples $ grep -rni --include=”*.py” ”def funcname” ./odoo/addons  Contribute to the OCA Code reviews can provide good mentoring


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