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Why did we create this course?

Why did we create this course?

To put it simply, we're convinced it's the best way to make you a great Project Manager. We began having Business Analysts (BA) and Project Managers (PM) at Odoo around 10 years ago. For about 7 of those 10 years, we did many things with a startup spirit, helping each other in the best way we could. Despite good intentions, our method of working was unstructured and inefficient. For years, we didn't have a proper training or onboarding system. After a few trials and errors, we finally created our internal onboarding program. It's now the onboarding through which all Odoo BAs and PMs go during their first 10 weeks at Odoo. No exceptions.

It's not perfect, we’re constantly reviewing and improving it, as we do with our software. It has been thoroughly tested over the years and analyzing the results we’ve had so far, and how fast newcomers can be assigned onto projects, it's safe to say we did a good job

Following our great results, we’re now ready to share our onboarding course with you, our Partners, to help you achieve the same results with your own resources.

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