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VentorTech sp.z.o.o.


VentorTech sp.z.o.o.
al. Jerozolimskie 81 / 11.10
numer 21, lokal U3
02-001 Warszawa
+48 789 338 655

For over 10 years, VentorTech has been helping companies around the world automate their business using Odoo ERP

What we do

  • Implement default Odoo and train on how to use it
  • Adapt Odoo to customers’ specific requirements
  • Develop professionally specialized solutions for the Odoo Ecosystem (see below)

Our clients

  • E-commerce sellers
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Food delivery
  • Medical goods
  • Service companies
  • Telecom companies
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturers
  • And more

What we automate for our clients

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Finance
  • Logistics and warehouse management
  • Accounting
  • And much more

Our strengths

  1. We have significant experience in rescuing projects started but not implemented by other Odoo partners
  2. We have been implementing Odoo (OpenERP) since 2013 for retail, wholesale, warehouses, financial companies, engineering companies, and manufacturers
  3. We are a service company with 50 employees, and we only specialize in Odoo development and we create products only for Odoo ERP
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  4. We have made well-known products like Ventor PRO, Direct Print PRO, ZPL Designer PRO, Magento 2 and Shopify connectors, and many more to implement projects even faster
  5. We always allocate a separate team that can analyze and develop the right solutions for our customers. We stay with our customers from initial analysis to implementation and follow through with further support at all stages of implementation
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Our products

We’ve grown together as a family, as our team of clients, friends, and coworkers inspire us. Our customers are close to us in all ways, and we are proud of making products that invite positive emotions, beyond making those that work as expected
Oleg and Vitaly, VentorTech co-owners

Our family of clients

Feedback and customers’ stories

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Success stories

  1. Odoo inventory optimization for a Baltics packaging supplies retailer, PaperSeal
  2. Odoo and Ventor solution for 27 Finnish stores: from manual inventory management to fully automated WMS
  3. From Manual to Automated: How Odoo ERP Helped a Swiss IT Service Company to Grow Turnover 2.5 Times
  4. From Budget Overruns to a Profitable Tech Company in Just 6 Months
  5. Odoo Success Story: Medco – Medical Workwear Reseller
  6. Request a reference from your region or country

Case studies


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Apis International B.V.
Apis International B.V.
Imkershop.nl is a young company that strives to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products for beekeepers. Green business is our top priority.
Business Problem: Inaccurate stock which discourages effective managing of the stock.
The current stock condition can be managed only by people who has very high level of the business domain and stock knowledge.
Chemical House
Chemical House
Chemical House is a family owned, specialty manufacturer of quality Australian made chemicals. We have the ability to formulate to your specification on site. We produce a wide range of chemicals for the janitorial, construction, pool and automotive industries. With a fully equipped laboratory and three onsite industrial chemists, we maintain an extremely high level of quality control every batch. We also have the facilities and resources to formulate just about any product for any market.
Industry: Wholesale and Retail
Products: Auto Spare Parts
Website: https://www.deepperformance.com/

Deep Performance is an auto parts trading business originally founded in year 2014.

Plennix Technologies has implemented and customized Odoo system for Deep Performance.
Led Ner SAS
Led Ner SAS
LED-NER specializes in LED lighting, whether it is the light source itself or the power supplies and control interfaces. It's a French lighting company that does their own in-house R&D work, including design of the LED source itself and development of lighting components. As far as the lighting solution cant't be the same for a jewelry showcase and for a fashion or leather shop for example, they offer a unique bespoke product fitting perfectly all the needs of clients.
MTX Connect Ltd
MTX Connect Ltd
MTX Connect is a mobile operator specializing in data services for corporate and individual customers. An expert in multi-network services, MTX Connect offers 3G/LTE mobile data connection in 100+ countries worldwide.
Multimed EuroAsia LLC
Multimed EuroAsia LLC
Multimed-EuroAsia LLC is part of the Multicare-Centrum.nl Group of Companies. We are agent for different manufacturers and supply medical products to private persons, companies, government organisations and public bodies.
SM Contact Tech OÜ
SM Contact Tech OÜ
SM Contact specialises in the production of equipment for electrical connections assembly.
Velar Solutions OÜ
Velar Solutions OÜ
Velar Solutions OÜ is an IT company that provides development services and outstaffing to customers.
eFarmer B.V.
eFarmer B.V.
eFarmer B.V. is a precision agriculture company founded in 2014 with offices based in the Netherlands and Ukraine. Their goal is to develop precision agriculture products and services that help farmers around the world by using the latest advances in technology. To show their appreciation for the meaningful work that farmers do, they use the modern developments in mobile, cloud, sensor and big data technologies to build the most valuable precision products for farmers and agricultural machines.
CRM, Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Projects, Manufacturing, Inventory and Helpdesk in Odoo help eFarmer B.V. to supply farmers with the highest quality and efficiency for fieldwork operations