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Steersman Company

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880 Lee Street, Suite 208
    Des Plaines, IL 60016
    United States

Steersman Company specializes in R&D, implementation, and maintenance of advanced specialized functionality for e-commerce, including customer-facing, back-end, and database features.

Steersman’s expertise will provide top value for medium and small size companies looking to improve or to start e-commerce business, including companies that also need to manage inventory, manufacturing, customer relations, projects, accounting books and reporting, and other business operations.

Our standard ERP integration process includes the following major steps:

    - Analysis of existing processes and company abilities and limitations

    - Configuration and customization of software targeted at capitalizing on your company’s strengths, reducing weaknesses, and adding functionality valuable to your customers. For this extensive work we use our knowledge of what has been successful for our past customers in similar situations as well as on-going research and trials.

    - Automation and synchronization of ERP processes and cross-system communication

    - Extensive on-site and/or remote staff training and preparation of training materials for future use prior to going live with new system

    - Optional on-going support and training

Steersman Company has a small team of software and business experts in Chicago, IL and, to maximize the value that we offer to our customers, we target projects that involve complicated software customizations. Contact us to see if we may be the right type of provider to fulfill your company’s needs.


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