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Genweb2 Limited

Genweb2 Limited

We provide software development services focused on product development, mobile, and cloud. We are based in Bangladesh, Singapore, and Croatia, and we have built a company staffed by the best and the brightest engineers and product managers. In addition to superior performance, ethics and transparency are our core values. One of our co-founders was formerly in senior management positions at TATA Consultancy Services and at Microsoft, and he has designed our company to deal effectively with the key challenges that software services have traditionally presented. ​

We are able to provide clients an unfair advantage by leveraging talent pools from unsaturated markets, resulting in offshore or onshore teams that provide better cost advantages and higher retention of talent. Our delivery center and give us access to a high-caliber talent pool in markets like Bangladesh and Croatia. This allows us to deliver higher value to clients. It gets even more appealing when you take into consideration the time and effort necessary to add a highly qualified member to your team.

Odoo Services We Provide

  •     Odoo Consultancy

  •     Odoo Implementation


  •     Odoo Customization / Development

  •     Odoo Training

  •     Odoo Support


Odoo Consulting

Most of the self-determined companies would like to organize their processes, avoid manual operations, automatically record the progression in the enterprise and provide a macroscopic view of the company performance to allow driving it more efficiently thus requiring implementation of progressive open ERP system. The successful implementation of open ERP in the organization will acknowledge several features that oblige expertise consultants.

To achieve the goals framed by business, it requires a team of professionals consisting of experienced consultants, efficient project managers and sound developers – the rare combination which Genweb2’s consultancy has. We specialize in Odoo consulting and suggest Client Company with the best possible combination of modules that would benefit their organization.

Our consultancy offers a wide spectrum of services to suit every need and requirement of the clients. Genweb2’s open ERP is a full suite solution that integrates accounting with sales, purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing. We, with years of experience, workout to provide complete open ERP support & upgrade, hosting, development & implementation and integration solutions. We are there to assist client through our innovations to make their firms win potential business opportunities. With a goal to serve our clients we offer professional, custom and cost-effective consultation services in open ERP. We make sure that our partnership will assure clients with long term prospects.

Odoo Implementation

Open ERP is considered to be the most efficient ERP software applicable for any size of the firms. Implementation of ERP will afford clients organization to draw maximum profits out of the software. Open ERP implementation process involves various functions such as evaluation, planning, configuration, data migration, deployment etc. the implementation process will influence the support and maintenance of the application in any organization. Thus, in order to work out on various requirements, an expert handling is mandatory.

Handling of the process will be successful, only when the implementation team has an ability to think beyond the technical frameworks of the client and implement a scalable solution after considering the current legacy system. This obliges a complete insight about amendments needed to be done in the client’s previous application and deliver a precise solution that gains competitive advantage. Genweb2, with its flair expertise, has complete insight that will offer clients enterprise with wide spectrum Open ERP solutions.

We, at Genweb2, are able to perform complete Odoo deployments: from the functional analysis up to the technical development of new modules and user training. We operate both locally and remotely. We strongly believe that our ability to deliver competent business solutions was possible only because of our extensive analysis and research of the client’s industry background and their requirements. This evaluation helps us in identifying the gaps in the functions. We provide a range of consulting services which helps the organizations to analyze their requirements and plan to deploy the business solutions and reap the benefits. Our implementation model essentially has:

    Requirement analysis

    Gap analysis

    Cost estimation

    Strategy planning

    Product development/customization


    Implementation at the client location

    User training

    Maintenance and support

We provide periodical updates on product development progress to our clients through reports. We involve our clients in every phase of the delivery model to ensure the success of deployment.


Odoo Development

Genweb2 provides custom software application development services to its clients who necessitate an efficient and cost-effective business solution. We have design, development, and implementation expertise in turnkey as well as module-based projects. We have an in-house application development framework to quickly deliver the projects.

We ascertain unique and efficient development application by interacting with the client from the initial requirements detailing phase through architecture design to implementation, deployment, and testing. The inputs available from the requirement analysis phase are utilized to create a prototype using the application development framework. Our approach increases assured clarity, on a whole, which requires proceeding further phases in the development process. This ensures minimum project risk and investment for the client.

Genweb2 has been a model in developing open source software and can help clients to leverage the existing open source software without compromising on the security and support aspects. We try and reduce development cycles, use a consistent code base, and emphasize on leveraging the industry best practices across the projects.


Odoo Support

Availability of precise Odoo ERP support is considered to be most disrupting service needed by any enterprise as most of the consultants fall short of providing complete support solutions. We, at Genweb2, have extensive knowledge in Odoo ERP and provide full spectrum support services as we understand ‘Support’ as the largest expenditure in total cost of ownership of an ERP system.

Genweb2 provides Odoo ERP support services to ensure that our clients have the maximum gains from the ERP launch. We provide support for technical as well as functional issues. We also perform system upgrades so that our clients gain the advantage of accessing the latest functionalities available. We offer preventative maintenance which includes revising and testing the complete system for each new version so that they are compatible with basic Odoo ERP.

We have various maintenance contract options which will entitle the companies for a quicker resolution of the issues. This also includes migration support to new upgrades. For simple updates, our maintenance team would evaluate to determine whether the update is of any use. It is first tested on the offline case of Odoo ERP before going live. Our maintenance team will perform the regular updates to Odoo ERP also in case of troubleshooting, if required. Our highly qualified technical support team is capable of performing upgrades and migration meticulously so that the outcome guarantees long-term benefits for our clients.


Offshore Development

Genweb2 is a full-service Odoo organization based in Bangladesh that serves global clientele and offers outstanding offshore Odoo development services. Our cardinal objective is to deliver world-class original, ethical and appropriate Odoo solutions to our clients that aid them in succeeding.

Odoo is an Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning tool that offers superior design, astounding extensibility and flexibility. A business organization needs thousands of efficient business applications that can enhance the functioning of the organization. Odoo serves this purpose quite impeccably and gives you the required flexibility. Fundamentally, Odoo assimilates all the organizational functions and departments onto a single computer system. Odoo’s customization integrates all the organizational departments seamlessly and enables them to communicate effectively whilst sharing all the imperative information effortlessly.