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Codes 'n Colors
Al Maabilah, Seeb
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Codes ‘n Colors, House of Art ‘n Technology; is specialized in ERP Solutions and Development Services. As an IT services company, our main focus is the success and growth of our customers, we believe in a simple equation “They grow, We grow” simple like this. We believe this targeted growth comes with the TWO EsExecute & Expand

How the work is done; accurately, on-time and profitably

How the success is presented to attract new customers every day 

Our main focus in Codes ‘n Colors is to provide our customers with the digital means to Execute & Expand their business.

To Execute; we study well the business processes of our customers and suggest the appropriate solution to automate the business in order to organize and standardize the processing in a user-friendly way. We achieve this target through Odoo®; the fast-growing international leader in ERP systems.  

To Expand; it’s all about how to introduce your services and communicate your success stories and draw your identity in front of your customers and your targeted audiences. To achieve this; we support your business with Odoo Customer Relationship Management system and Marketing automation tools in addition to a wide range of design services including Web & Graphic Design, Info Graphs, Motion Graphs, Cartoons & Animation, …

Our teams are working together to deliver your message to your customers and your audiences in the most effective way through the different media channels; Website, Social Media, Print Outs, Video channels and others.

Our Business Automation, Design and Development experts are working together to achieve your TWO Es.

We have a wide range of happy customers in different countries and different field of industries receiving variety of services from us, we have customers in USA, Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey

We have success stories in many fields like constructions, real estate & property management, restaurants’ management, general trading, trade consignments, manufacturing, furniture industry, car rental, hospitals' management, elevators’ industry, water purifiers industry, …


Albaraka is a firm specialized in automotive spare parts import & trade covering wide range of products for cars and motorcycles. Albaraka is an agent for some of the leading worldwide companies in the section of spare parts.

Albaraka has also a wide distribution network in Egypt and plan to expand their services horizontally and vertically.
Derma Clinic
Derma Clinic
Derma Clinica is a leading Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic with several branches in Oman in Muscat and Sohar.

The Clinic was founded in 2018, and owned by the Omani’s, Egyptians & an elite Doctors from France, South Africa, Turkey and others leading Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetics.

Doctors are very well known in their fields for their attention to detail, ethical approach and natural-looking results with the potential of many celebrity clients.

Derma Clinica advisors at Profile are highly experienced and knowledgeable and pride themselves on offering the best patient care to all our clients throughout their procedures. This is proven in the hundreds of testimonials we receive from our delighted patients.

The clinic offers plastic surgeries, dermatology and cosmetic services, hair removal laser treatment and all skin care services including all kind of facials and skin peelings. In addition to diet and nutrition services, food print and slimming programs.

Derma Clinica strategy is to bring doctors with extensive experience in this field to add new results and distinctive touches, from international experiences, so that we are distinguished by innovation.
Easy Milez
Easy Milez
Easy Miles started its activity in 2017 and quickly became the leader in the rental field due to the high quality of its services, its distinguished performance and the luxury it provides to its customers.

With the growth of the company's activity and its expansion in various fields, the company made a decision to increase the number of the fleet and open an office to provide services characterized by quality and sophistication, by focusing on the leasing and car activity in general, which opens the doors for business development and further expansion. Thus came the founding of Easy Miles for Car rental.
Iltizam Real Estate
Iltizam Real Estate
Iltizam is a real estate agent and property management firm providing it’s services to investors and real estate seekers in the Middle East.

Iltizam provides to its customers an end to end service from searching for the best real estate opportunity, negotiation, contracting & legal process management, property receipt, facility installation & furnishing, payables settlement and also reselling.
Omran TRK
Omran TRK
Omran TRK is an investment real estate company, founded in 2016.

Its investment activity in the Turkish real estate market is based in the city of Yalova, aims to provide safe, quality investment and achieving high profitability through real estate activity in construction and management of residential complexes for shareholders through the company.

Yalova, by its strategic location, especially after being linked to Istanbul through Osmangazi Bridge, which made it easy to move between Yalova and Istanbul.

It is considered a connection point between big cities such as (Bursa – Istanbul – Izmit), through which you can go to both Izmir, Ankara and other cities.

Yalova is also considered one of the quiet and peaceful cities, and it also contains social diversity of the communities that is living in it, and a comfortable social coexistence between these groups, which creates the ideal atmosphere for living in it and is a good motivation for investors from abroad to buy real estate in it

Also, its amazing nature has a role in attracting visitors, whether Turkish or foreigners, as it is famous for its sulfuric waters, its beaches, waterfall, and green forests.

It also has a promising future for urban expansion, enjoys flexible and serious management to provide the necessary facilities to investors and upgrade them.
Ozel Lift
Ozel Lift
Özel Lift is a group specialized in providing its customers with the safest movement-providing-machines like elevators, escalators and auto-parking systems. Özel Lift experience dates back to 1995 when we first started directly by following the steps of advanced and modern systems that were developed throughout the years.

Özel Lift are masters in industrial manufacturing with 25 years of experience and 10+ awards!
Silsilit Alrowad
Silsilit Alrowad
Silsilet Al Rowad International is an international company that seeks, investigates, and then exhibits various development projects from across the world via its official website and interactive application in collaboration with local partners in various countries. This way, any benefiting client, whether an individual, an organization, or a company, can include all development project data and documents in the platform. They can also act agreements and electronic payments via internationally accredited central banks
White Steel
White Steel
WhiteSteel is one of the largest technology suppliers for food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing and production lines and a wide range of other industries.
WhiteSteel is specialized in machinery, as well as process technology and components.
WhiteSteel provides sustainable solutions for sophisticated production processes in diverse end-user markets and offers a comprehensive service portfolio.
Xonox is an important player in the trade and distribution of medical supplies in Hurghada, Egypt.

Xonox manages a sires of pharmacies, medical supplies’ showrooms and clinics.