V16 Deferred Revenue wrong - regression defect?

Alex Ongena

We want to migrate from Enterprise 14 to Enterprise 16 and are blocked.
IMHO The Deferred Revenue is broken in V16 (Enterprise dd 13/03/2023).

When you Post an invoice with Deferred Revenue, you properly see the [Def Revenue] shortcut.

However, when going into the details:

  • The original Value and deferred revenue are minus the value instead of the [positive] value
  • The Revenue Board shows negative values instead of positive values
  • And in the Jornal lines, Credit and Debit are reversed

So it looks like the value and everything else is reversed.

This is a huge defect and makes Deferred Revenue useless in V16. I'm so surprised that such a regression bug is possible and that I am the first to notice  6 months after the release of v16...

Am I wrong?
Is someone using Deferred Revenues in v16?

Did something conceptually change in v16 (or maybe already in v15 but I didn't test).