Where is python interpreter for odoo

Hieu Lam


I am new to odoo and python so just want to ask a very basic question. I can see that when I install odoo from source, I don't need python at all? So I think python has been embedded in the installation somewhere ?

When debug odoo, I have to install python 2.7 and install all the necessary dependencies before I can start the server with 

Can anyone explain the idea to me ? Thanks. 

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Dominique Chabord


To run Odoo, you must have all dependencies installed. Maybe the debug mode makes some check and fails, while without debug, it may (wrongly) try to survive a bit. Depending on how you set up Odoo, dependencies must be installed manually or are automatically installed.

python is per default installed on most serious operating systems, but if you use windows, may be you have to add it, I don't know. Another aspect is that python is moving from python2 (required by Odoo) to python3 and some distributions may use python3 as default if you just specify 'python'.

A simple way is to install explicitly python2.7 in your environment (or system for a try) and start odoo with command :

python2.7 path_to_odoo_script

Note: if you use a .exe to install Odoo, it is not an installation from source.