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Daniel Reis
On 12/17/13, 4:59 AM

You can remove it installing this module: https://bitbucket.org/BizzAppDev/oerp_no_phoning_home

It woks well, thank you so much

Yug Faa
on 12/17/13, 10:58 AM

thx very much

on 12/20/13, 1:57 AM

I've uploaded it but can't seem to find anywhere to activate it.

on 12/24/13, 3:28 AM

You have to install it as custom module. I don't think that this is the right way to display this message. It's like ads on apps, It could be better on "About OpenERP".

GH Mediacloud, Grover Hernando Menacho Quisbert
on 12/26/13, 3:42 PM
Jairo Llopis
on 2/27/14, 4:43 AM
Victor Admin
On 5/14/14, 5:46 PM

I found this css solution as well. On my system the file to edit is


Put it at the very bottom of the file did the trick. 
This is not ideal though, as this announcement may be used for something else. Also, if you have the means, supporting OpenERP would be the better way to do it (unfortunately my client is cheap, and this message was not going to fly with the Portal customers for legal reason, so it had to go)

On 12/23/13, 7:24 AM


How do i install this module. I've downloaded it but am not sure how to install it. Please advice.

Thank you. -Timrea.

download and unzip the file. Then move or copy-paste unzipped folder (module) to your working addons. Then Restart openerp server. Now in Openerp, go to Settings>Update Module List and click update. this will update and load new modules from addons. Now find the module in your Uniinstalled modules section and install it.

on 12/24/13, 12:23 AM

Hi Akram, i can't seem to find an "Uninstalled" section. My v7 installation only has "Apps" "Updates" and "Installed" sections. I have uploaded the module and restarted OpenERP though. What is the name that i should be lookin out for? Thank you.

on 12/25/13, 2:32 AM

"Stop Phoning Home" is the name of the module to install

frenoy.net, Gaëtan Frenoy
on 12/29/13, 4:59 AM
Open Net Sarl
On 12/23/13, 5:09 PM


A quick and simple solution is to override the default css with this

td.announcement_bar { display:none; }

And it will not show up anymore.

Of course, you can also subscribe to a warranty by OpenERP SA, and it will not show up anymore...

Fabrice Henrion (fhe)
On 12/16/13, 10:53 PM

You can remove it by following the link "Upgrade Now".

OpenERP have to rest open source, and for us a respect of the AGPL3 is the most important.

Yug Faa
on 12/17/13, 10:22 AM

OpenERP is 100% open source and respects AGPL3. The source is available here: http://launchpad.net/openobject More info: http://bit.ly/openmodel

Fabrice Henrion (fhe)
on 12/17/13, 12:00 PM

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