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Yannick Vaucher
On 2/13/13, 12:45 PM

I would say clearly chrome for v6.1. For v7.0 probably too.

It seems OpenERP developper and support teams are mainly doing there tests on chrome, chromium and firefox. Certainly because most of them uses Ubuntu being in the Open Source spirit and those browser are more accessible on it.

On v6.1 we had some issues with Firefox, it's much more stable on v7.0[1]

For other browsers I haven't experienced much of it. However, you can track errors on openerp-web bug tracking You will see that users makes bug reports for specific browsers and OpenERP is constantly improved.

Thought, I can only suggest to avoid Internet Explorer but this is mainly my opinion.

[1] : lp: 1029311

For v7.0, I get script error message for Windows 7 + Chrome and OS X + Chrome. Using Windows, had to switch to Firefox to sign in to this website as well. Chrome seems to work fine on Ubuntu as expected.

Yoshi Tashiro
on 2/22/13, 7:25 AM

Thanks for your comment, it is right that not only the browser count. The OS has it's effect on how OpenERP works, certainly because version are not strickly the same on each OS. You could also have some issues if you use Firefox on MacOSX

Camptocamp SA
on 2/22/13, 8:31 AM

Update on my previous comment - just found that one of my Chrome extensions was causing the problem. After disabling that extension I have no problem with using Chrome.

Yoshi Tashiro
on 3/15/13, 5:22 AM

I would like to add some "OpenERP insider info" about this: Chrome is #1; Firefox is definitely thoroughly used as well. Several openerp-web leaders (like xmo) are partly using Dragonfly during development which makes v6.1 run seamlessly on Opera. I didn't try it for v7. We don't really care about supporting IE6 or 7 or, to some extent 8. We also got the largest OpenERP customer to move away from IE so it's not like we're going to get headaches working on IE compatibility. As for Safari, we just assume it's going to run fine considering Webkit is #1.

Fabrice Henrion (fhe)
on 3/15/13, 5:41 AM

Thanks for your helpful "insider info" :)

Camptocamp SA
on 3/15/13, 5:46 AM
David Béal
On 2/14/13, 7:50 AM

Firefox or chrome extensions can slow down the use of OpenERP which uses javascript heavily.

For better efficiency with openerp it may be useful to create a profile different from that usually used for internet

In all cases, do not focus on a single browser when you deal with xml views

+1 Nice tip, didn't know about profiles. Here's more on it for Firefox and Chrome.

Daniel Reis
on 2/15/13, 10:29 AM

With firefox you may share your bookmarks between several profiles with firefox sync. The point is different with chrome.

Akretion, David Béal
on 2/15/13, 10:54 AM
Wided Kéfi
On 10/22/15, 4:01 AM

I have only used chromium and firefox, and they are good. But chromium is better for the xml views.

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