Rounding Precision on Unit of Measure (Weight)


I'm having trouble configuring a custom decimal precision for a UoM.

Here's the scenario:

My company sells spices and manufactures blends. We would like our inventory quantities to be weight in pounds with a decimal precision of at least 6 (Ex: Oregano qty: 0.029999 lbs). But the "rounding precision" in the UoM I defined only allows up to 3 digits after the decimal point (0.000). So, when I set the inventory for Oregano, OpenERP rounds it to .030000. The same goes for items I add in a Bill of Materials.

These are all the rounding and precision settings that I've been able to find and change:

Settings->Warehouse->Decimal precision on weight = 6

Settings->Database Structure->Decimal Accuracy->Product Unit of Measure = 6

Settings->Database Structure->Decimal Accuracy->Stock Weight = 6

Warehouse->Unites of Measure->lbs

Unit of Measure: lbs
Category: Weight
Type: Reference Unit of Measure for this Category
Rounding Precision: 0.000 <-- OpenERP will not allow more than 3 digits after the decimal.

Any ideas how to allow quantities with 6 decimal places?


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Paul Catinean

Hello Spidey,

If you go to Users and set Manage multiple Units of Measure then you will have access to the menu Sales (or Warehouse) -> Units of Measure and there you will have individual rounding values for each uom separately

Best wishes

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Waleed Mohsen
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I have checked all Odoo version starting from 8,in unit of measure,  UOM Rounding Precision accept unlimited precision but what shown in the screen only five because of the below line in product_uom_form_view view so you can change it.

<field name="rounding" digits="[42, 5]"/>

What version you are using?

In V6, rounding use decimal accuracy named Product UoM and you can increase it to 6.

In V7, rounding use decimal accuracy named Product Unit of Measure and you can increase it to 6.