Push your module to odoo apps - How install a custom module in odoo web

David Hernández

Hi all,

I have a problem and do not know how to resolve it, before asking this forum I went to internet to find much information, but I can not get what I want.

I commented, I created a module, which I want to climb the Odoo I have stayed in a web domain. Odoo tells me I have to upload it to however have created a github, but I find nothing indicates that in my github

Can anyone help me step by step to see how my module up to Odoo? Locally me works fine, but when trying to prove in the cloud, not even as upload!

Thank you very much in advance.


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Bejaoui Souheil
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To push your module to odoo apps:

  1. Create a repository on git and push your module.

  2. Go to My apps dashboard on odoo website

  3. Go to Repositories

  4. Click the button Register a new repository

  5. Register your Git repository

ensure that:
    • There is one folder per App/Theme at the root of the repository.
    • You specify the branch name of your Git repository by adding #branch_name at the end of the repo URL.
    • The branch name exactly matches the series name for which your modules are meant, so #8.0 for version 8.0.

After that you can find your modules on odoo apps.

More details here :

Best regards.

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Is it on cloud or on-premises?