Problem while login with Facebook - Odoo

Hardik Patadia

Hello all,

I am trying to do login with facebook OAuth,  It opens facebook page for login and after I enter appropriate login credentials it responses back to odoo, during that It throws following error: 

"You do not have access to this database or your invitation has expired. Please ask for an invitation and be sure to follow the link in your invitation email."

While tracing I found that odoo tries to find the "user_id" from the response, which I don't find in the response provided by the faceobook, so I am not sure what am I missing. 

This thing works fine with Google account Login.

My Configuration:

1./ I have configured the "App" in facebook, (so it may happen that I may be missing some configuration in Facebook App creation, not sure for this).

2./ In Odoo I have provided appropriate "App Id" in the "Client Id" in OAuth provider of Facebook record. The other thing is the secret key provided by facebook, I didn't entered it anywhere because I am not sure where to use it.

3./ My scope for facebook login is public_profile,email

So, any guidelines?  

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Hardik Patadia

I tried pulling the master branch and tried in it. I have almost followed the same steps that you are suggesting. As I am in testing site, so I entered as "http://localhost:9075/oauth_signin/".. so I am not sure whether this works or not, but anyways, I will again give a try the way you mentioned. Thank you Jeremy.

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Just tested now in v8 and work well...

UPDATE 08/31/2015: just tested in the last master and work like a charm !

1) create app here :

2) Copy AppID (from facebook) in Client ID field (from Odoo)

3) Facebook "App configuration" and enter your url

4) enable this oAuth in Odoo

5) Just click on "Login with facebook" Which version are you using ?