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Hi Guys,

I have a confusion regarding refund option for customer/supplier invoice, is there any way to only refund partial amount of our invoice. Let think for a example: - If we have a customer invoice of 100 $ and our customer has already paid now then we felt this amount is much for that product so we want to refund a few amount say 10$(not refunding all amount just partial amount) back to my customer. So is there any way to do such a partial refunding.

Any help, hints, suggestion ,idea will be appreciated.


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Ray Carnes
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A refund invoice can be created either manually or automatically (either from a delivery order when RETURN PRODUCTS is used or from the original invoice) and has a draft state like a regular invoice.

When the invoice is generated from the return, it only lists the products and quantities returned.

While in draft you can adjust ANYTHING on it. You can adjust the price to account for a re-stocking fee.

From the documentation:

Entering a customer credit note is almost identical to entering a customer invoice. You just start from the menu

Accounting ‣ Customers ‣ Customer Refunds

Similarly, entering a supplier credit note is the same as that of the supplier invoice, and so you use the menu

Accounting ‣ Suppliers ‣ Supplier Refunds

It is easy to generate a credit note quickly from an existing invoice. To do this, select a customer or supplier invoice which is in Paid state and click the Refund button. OpenERP opens a new payment invoice form for you in the Draft state so that you can modify it before approval.

Below you find the different options displayed when you click the Refund button on an invoice.

  • Create a Draft Refund : Creates a draft credit note of the complete invoice. You can change this credit note, i.e. to make a partial credit note.

  • Modify : Creates a credit note for the existing invoice, validates the credit note and reconciles it with the invoice. The existing invoice is duplicated so that you can modify it.

  • Cancel : Creates a credit note for the complete invoice, validates the credit note and reconciles it with the invoice concerned.

If a customer returns damaged or wrongly delivered products, you can enter this information in OpenERP via

Warehouse ‣ Receiver/Deliver By Orders ‣ Delivery Orders

You have to select the order related to the returned products and click the Return Products. A new window will open and will let you choose the invoicing method.

Sean Samborski
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This seems like very basic commerce activity and should be something that is available out of the box. I would be interested to know the solution to this as well as it happens everyday. All one needs to do to see this in the real world is take your wife out clothes shopping one day. The next day, she will return half the items back to the store. They do a partial refund for the returned items only. The only way I can see this in OpenERP right now is to refund the entire order, then create a new one with the products you aren't returning. This seems a bit convoluted so I'm sure I'm missing something.

Sorry for such a cheeky example. I was only having a bit of fun so I apologize if anyone is offended by my brand of humor!