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Shannon Pearce
10/15/17, 2:38 AM

a 5x increase ?????

An excellent way to alienate your existing customers... 

If this is true we'll be pushing for a refund on our existing subscription. 

Didier Stadelmann
10/15/17, 1:55 PM

Fabien, I cannot understand this new pricing...

I am in the process of opening my own business as IT Consultant. I have choosen Odoo as core product because for its price / performance ratio and the community around it. I have approached many potential customers who could never afford to pay for a system like SAP.

All of them are small businesses and startups and I am convinced that many will go for the EE version soon or later. But that was before the price increase. You mentionned an estimated 7% decrease of your revenue in Europe due to the pricing change. All customers I contacted were interested by this product, because they could afford to leave their Excel sheets and enter into more professional handling of their business.

That was the case when the pricing for full Odoo EE was costing EUR 1000/year for 5 employees. Now we jump to EUR 4'000 for less product ! 

Do I understand right that Odoo is abandonning its small customers and will concentrate on big ones, like all other ERP systems ?

I understand that every company has to be profitable and I wish Odoo full success, but don't you think that this new strategy will cut yourself from your strongest community, i.e. small businesses ?

Thanks for you attention.


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10/15/17, 3:07 PM

Exactly, that is the point!

Me - as end-user- I am one of those small business you mention: Odoo 10 EE (on-premise) had a good price/performance ratio. No longer with Odoo 11 EE.

I did not even get any help from Odoo support in order to install my Odoo. Odoo support is NULL.

I currently should pay 4000 EUR for this ?

I have to install myself, I have to set-up myself, I have to pay also for this.

TOT cost of complete Odoo installation (partner included) aproX. 7000 EUR.

Kidding ?

That is not fo a small business, at all.

Be clear: if you want Odoo to be for medium-karge company, please SAY IT CLEARLY.

We are still in time to switch to an other ERP

Thank you for your attention

Jonathan Mirich
10/23/17, 3:04 AM

If pricing has indeed increased for on-premise then this will be a show stopper. We have been evaluating Odoo 10 over the last 9 months with a set of beta users, and have now begun implementation work for our on-premise Odoo Enterprise server. Over the next 12 months we plan to grow our users to ~40. Increasing the price by 5x totally removes the Odoo value proposition, and we might as well simply upgrade our current MS Dynamics Nav instead.  

Please listen Odoo Management, this pricing strategy for on-premise will not work for non-profits, Edu, nor developing markets (my organization is all three of these). We need on-premise because of occasional internet downtime in our community.

We began implementing Odoo because it provided a great value and good user experience, but if the value is no longer in the "Pros" column for us, we can't move forward.

We need to understand what on-premise pricing will be, long term. We began eval in Feb. 2017, and now in Oct. 2017 pricing has gone up 500%.

You need to understand your end-users a bit better--that we can't commit to manic swings in pricing. Odoo is pricing itself out of whole markets (Edu, non-profits, small business & start-ups) and whole regions. Developing nations should be a long-term play for you. This whole pricing scheme is so shortsighted.

My hope is that you make a quick course correction, much like Adobe did last week when the community expressed outrage for their Lightroom Classic product EOL plans, when clearly Adobe wanted to force all of their customers to Lightroom Creative Cloud. Cloud doesn't work for everyone (yet)!

Please reconsider.


Jon, Customer

comceptPLUS GmbH
10/16/17, 4:28 PM

Guys, call Odoo, they will tell you that you, as an existing customer have a 3 year price guarantee with a max increase of only 7%. So this is more than fair. I am also a subscriber to Odoo 10  and they told me that I will get my old subscription price for the same amount. 

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Xeata Management Inc., James White
11/30/17, 8:18 AM

Ah! Very good! I had not realized that we had a price guarantee.

Angry About Enterprise
12/11/17, 9:37 PM


Let me also express my disgust with this approach. This issue has a much further reach than just your users' pocketbooks. I have spent the last 18 months trying to get our system up and running after being lied to by the salesperson that initially got me on board. I was told that the Online version was completely customizable and that if I purchased a "success" pack, we would be assigned a person that would tailor it to our needs. What I really got for my $7000.00 was someone that doesn't know the answers to about 70% of my questions, and nickels and dimes me, charging 15 minutes for every email that is sent back and forth, as well as charging time to research how to configure Odoo. When I started to perform customizations to my instance, I was told that I would need to pay $80/month for each change that I made. There have been many, MANY other problems as well, such as not being able to integrate with our MS Outlook365 email, one of the most widely used email platforms out there. I suppose the biggest problem of all is that we have been misled by Odoo at every step, and been given false expectations throughout the process. In any case, after consulting my attorney and having several heated discussions with the folks in San Francisco, it was agreed upon that they would not have to refund my money and that I would continue to use the success pack until we were up and running with our basic 8-10 apps. At that point, they would migrate me to Enterprise (and I would pay the annual fee) so that I could again customize it and get on with my business. I am essentially now being told that you have wasted 18 months of my time, and at least $10,600.00 of my money, unless I am willing to pay $4080.00 (5 users and 10 apps) per year, not including any future apps that we might want to add. When this agreement was made, Enterprise was around $1500.00/year and then went up to about $1700.00/year, which I was okay with. You are basically holding your users hostage via fraud and price gouging, and in the end, it is the distrust, rather than the immediate price hike, that is most damaging and alienating. I am now faced with two REALLY bad options:

1.  Continue on this path and triple my budget for now (until you decide to gouge me again).

2. Start down a new path, having wasted almost two years on this, and spend more time interacting with Odoo in court, either just for my own refund, or in a class action lawsuit to recover losses for all of the users that were misled. I am quite certain that out of your 3 million users, there are enough angry enterprise users to pursue this.

 Finally, your claims that this is having a neutral effect for most users, or it will just have some minor effect on pricing is just more of the same misleading propaganda that got us here in the first place. 


Ray Carnes

--Ray Carnes--
| 9 7 9
Greater Los Angeles, United States
--Ray Carnes--

Business Analyst

OpenERP 6.1, 7.0; Odoo 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 and 12.0.

Completed Odoo Functional and Technical Training.

Functional Areas:

  • CRM/Sales

  • Inventory

  • Manufacturing

  • Accounting

  • Purchasing

Major Skills:

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Efficiency Consulting

  • User Needs and GAP Analysis;

  • Functional and Technical Design;

  • Prototyping and Proof of Concepts;

  • Requirements Specifications;

  • Agile Implementation;

  • Data Migration;

  • Configuration & Customization (UI and code);

  • Integration - Odoo and non Odoo Applications and Services;

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer;

  • Go Live Support;

  • Helpdesk;

  • Version Upgrades and Migration.

  • Accounting Expert.

I have over 20 years of experience empowering and enabling users with enterprise information systems that make a real and measurable difference in their ability to proactively manage their businesses and organizations. 

I am a skilled Communicator and I only take the serious things seriously!

Ray Carnes
10/13/17, 4:56 PM

There has been a change to way Odoo is offered with the release of Odoo v11. 

Odoo should be publishing details soon. 


Odoo now has three options based on how you want it hosted:

  • Cloud Hosting

  • On-Premise (formerly known as Enterprise)

  • Dedicated Cloud **

** Dedicated Cloud is a new option provided by the new odoo.sh PAAS platform

(Scroll to the bottom of the Pricing page to see the options)


10/13/17, 6:43 PM

Thank you Ray.

Just noticed that On-Premise (formerly known as Enterprise) grow up 5x price !

I paid 800€/ - 5 users 5 month ago.

I would currently pay 4200€ same users!

It does not seem to me a good way to keep up a client.

It also seems to me legally doubtful !

Are you sure guys you are doing the right thing ?


Ray Carnes
10/13/17, 8:31 PM

I don't work for Odoo. Every time anybody in the world changes something - there are people who don't like the change, people who like the change, and people who don't care. I am also wondering how prospects will react to the changes.

Ermin Trevisan
10/14/17, 1:15 AM

If have checked the options and found out that the hosting and the on-premise pricing is exactly the same if you compare the annual prices, the latter is only available with annual payment.

Philipp Trost
11/29/17, 12:29 PM

on premise prices the same as hosted cloud a cant believe, more than disappointing

10/16/17, 4:54 PM

Same here... I've been on the chat here and odoo confirmed... 
They wanted to make the pricing more simple by having one single way of pricing...

no more enterprise as known before, you can still host yourself, but you will pay as much as the hosted version...

This means a lot of wasted time for me as most of the solutions I would offer my clients would be self-hosted...

spend months analysing, investigating and building a proof of concept and all falls down with the new strategic descision made by odoo... On top of that... no communication from odoo... no explanation... they just removed the option from the site... .

What about stability? like their current client base? Wat if Odoo 12 will increase the rates again ? and now everybody will be locked in as most will choose hosted (as it is the same rate but incl the platform).

Also, this means no more option to use odoo 10 or odoo 9...  

Will I spend again time to see if community edition would be sufficient while taking a good support company that can fix & upgrade in the future?

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10/17/17, 5:42 AM

Agree 100%

Lots of time and money spent setting-up Odoo 10 on-premise.

I do not want to go Odoo Cloud.

Main points made me go ON-Premise:

1) Having 100% control on my hosting.

1) Be able to use 3th party APPs even not-certified.

2) Upgrade service.


Anak Bumi
10/16/17, 11:36 AM

The 5x increase in price for the Enterprise (on-premise) means that new customers are not their bread and butter now and thus not a priority. It seems to also mean that they only want to focus their limited resources on their existing large online and Enterprise users base.

They are also telling the partners "don't spend time installing, setting up and configure the enterprise (on-premise) for new customers" i.e. don't need to earn these services from the customers. Just subscribe to the new odoo.sh platform ('free' for now). Odoo wants the partners to move everything to Odoo.sh (where Odoo.sh is 'free' for partners for now). Possibly having the intention to end Enterprise (on-premise) in the end.

Odoo will then have access to all the new/custom modules from all the partners hosting in Odoo.sh. I wonder, does Odoo have the right to use all the new/custom modules hosted in Odoo.sh and incorporate them into their master source for new versions ?

Once users start to grow in Odoo.sh (since it is free), It will be hard for them to switch once they have migrated their data and operations to Odoo.sh. This will be another subscription 'tap' for Odoo to turn on once there is volume in odoo.sh.

Next phase, there will probably be only odoo.com (cloud) and odoo.sh (partners). But since odoo.com is working with software company in India at a cheap rate, what stops users from just getting odoo.com services to do future customisation work in the end instead of from local partners using odoo.sh ?

I have invested a lot of time and effort in reading and learning about Odoo 10 with plans to migrate my customers to Enterprise (on-premise) and now trying to upgrade to Odoo 11.  This new development makes me put my plans on hold and i have to rethink due to the price increase for me and my customers. This is disappointing for me. I come to agree that there is no win-win here. The House always win.

This is the impression i have now about Odoo unless someone can correct me if my thinking is wrong.

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10/19/17, 4:57 PM

Odoo.sh Free ?

Maybe for the launch and for some partners, because the website is mentioning "PROFESSIONAL : €150/month".

Munawar Ahmed
10/14/17, 3:49 PM

I agree, I am a current enterprise owner.

What will happen to our current subscription when it gets expired, the price will dramatically increased, which wouldn't be affordable for us.

I hope, this does not goes through.

Ray Carnes
10/15/17, 12:52 PM

The new pricing arrangement is for new customers. If you are an existing customer, per your contract your price cannot increase more than 7% per year - as long as you remain a customer.

10/15/17, 12:58 PM

Let me please share the whole Fabien answer:



First note that all our contracts include a customer protection of max 7% increase per year. So, as a customer, if this new pricing is more expensive for you, you will pay maximum 7% extra,

as described in the Odoo Enterprise contract.

Now, about the new pricing itself;

It's a change in the structure to better align the price with the value you get from the software;

(CRM users pay less than ERP ones, or 1 user pay less than 5 users)


We don't have a strategy to increase our prices every year. This change is actually not an increase

for us. As we have more contracts in Europe than US, the average impact is close to 0.

Our motivation was to 1/ unify Odoo Online & Odoo Enterprise pricing, 2/ have a price better aligned with the value you get (if you only use a CRM, or if you have only 1 user; you pay less); and it's a decrease for all

Odoo Online customers.

The reason why it's not a 5x increase, even in the worst use case (5 users);

- no customer need 100% of the apps (all shipping connectors, POS, PLM, eCommerce...)

- on average, European customers have for 73.60€ of apps ($163 in U.S.)


Hope it helps clarifying the change.



10/15/17, 1:00 PM

And, with your permission, my replies:


Hi Andreas, Fabien, hi guys:

First of all, thanks for quick answering.

Let me first say I am disappointed, very disappointed.

Never thought about this as a risk, talking about an enterprise risk.

I mean, I firstly relied on Odoo, it gave me a serious feeling as a company.

Fabien: It is not serious, neiher honest, increase 5x a price (per APP) year by year.

I wonder, you are surely talking about Odoo Enterprise Cloud.

Me talking about On-Premise:

Fabien, let me detail current price published on Odoo official page:

1 Users - 28 Apps - Total/year 3648,00 EUR

5 Users - 28 Apps - Total/year 4272,00 EUR

Me, I paid:

5 Users - 25 Apps - Total/year 840,00 EUR

Price per APP got-up from 33 EUR/year to 152 EUR/year !

Not to talk about support, I NEVER got a valid answer form current support, I basically HAVE NO support.

Fabien: let me send you copy of support tickets I got, you will get embarrassed (sorry, not to offend).

Absolutely a shame !

What a disappointment !

Thank you


10/15/17, 1:09 PM

Hi Fabien, let me please drop an extra quick thought:

Unifiyng prices of Cloud an On-premise: are you sure doing the right thing?

Do you consider the extra cost of installing Odoo locally, setting up, configuring a web domain etc. ?

Me I had to.

Logic says on-premise requires much more works (i.e. money) to set-up. Less expensive was the correct way!

What is the logic behind unifying Cloud an On-Premise?

Me, as an end user, do not understand.


Thank you for your attention

steven lenzen
3/9/18, 10:42 AM

yesterday i had to take a double-take as the odoo prices were dropped pretty low.   It must have been some glitch because today they are back up.   Yesterday user pricing was 6 each user and the apps were 8-15 each.   Dang, I should have ordered the whole thing!    

John Bergmann
2/2/18, 2:23 PM

We are new to the Odoo scene and therefore have no understanding of what prices used to be.  From a broad perspective though, the ~$3400 USD we output for 5 modules and 7 users is a pittance compared to other integrated solutions.  The pricing may alienate some people, but the functionality and utility of only using the parts I need rather than a $100k Netsuite install is a win in my book.  

James White
11/30/17, 8:09 AM

I just ran the numbers on the pricing page for Odoo 11 hosted.  It is, in fact increased about 450%.

I paid $USD 1,800.00 this year for 10E Hosted.  Using the new model, my cost is now $USD 8,500.00

My guess is that this is Odoo telling us to stop using Odoo without a partner.  If my suspicion is correct, then partner pricing will likely have remained constant.

Can an partner (I am lookin' at you Ray Carnes) confirm that partner pricing has remained steady?

This will mean that you have three options:

  1. Find a partner - and pay their fees instead of Odoo's

  2. Become a partner - which gives you an NFR license for slightly less than retail cost

  3. Use QuickBooks/Shopify

Xeata Management Inc., James White
12/2/17, 10:01 AM

After a talk with a helpful Odoo representative, I now understand that a partner does not get any NFR discount (actually they pay a lot annually to be a partner).

The pricing was not obvious to me so I will lay it out clearly to maybe help others:

* You pay PER MODULE and you also pay PER USER

* Monthly Module cost is the same for 1 or 10000 users

* Monthly user cost is the same, no matter how many modules they use


Requirement: Accounting and Sales

Modules: Accounting, Invoicing, Sales

Staff: Accountants: 1, Sales Staff: 3

Monthly User Cost: $120 (4 users)

Monthly Modules Cost: $60 (accounting, invoicing, sales)

Total Annual: $1,536.00

So this is less expensive that the Odoo 10 system where the base price is $1,800 for everything - up to 5 users.


Requirement: Accounting, Sales, Helpdesk, CRM, Inventory

Modules: Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Helpdesk, CRM, Inventory

Staff: Accountants: 2, Sales Staff 4

Monthly User Cost: $180 (6 Users)

Monthyl Modules Cost: $165 (6 Apps)

Xeata Management Inc., James White
12/2/17, 10:05 AM

continuing... (sorry, cannot edit or delete the original)

Total Annual: $3,024.00

So overall, if you are not using ALL of the modules, the cost is not much higher - lower in fact for those using only accounting.

So before getting too upset - run the numbers, decide which modules you actually USE when comparing annual self-hosted pricing.

For me, it doubled in price. For you, maybe not so bad. But the 500% increase is a pretty extreme example for most people.

10/23/17, 11:58 AM

Hello guys,

I was seriously considering buying Odoo EE and was waiting for 11 version so not to upgrade in the period of implementation. Now I have to tell you I am going to search for another solution. The reason? It's obvious. What I was going to get for 700 EUR +VAT, now would cost me 2080 EUR + VAT .. 3 times more for just one user, instead of max 5. I advocated for Odoo for a long time and to many people but now I am searching for an alternative. Good luck.

P.S. Any suggestions for cheaper similar ERP systems are welcomed :) 

10/19/17, 3:43 PM

First, in French for french people and mother language, following in this post the same translated in english.

Je reste totalement convaincu de l'intérêt de cet ERP et des possibilités qu'il a ... mais moi aussi je fini par me demander si Odoo n'est pas en train de se moucher avec des billets de 500€ (si cela avait été pour critiquer sans raison ou être désagréable, j'aurais utilisé le nom d'un autre orifice). Vouloir viser les étoiles c'est bien ... mais n'est-ce pas au détriment du fait de devoir aussi rester les pieds sur terre?

Qu'en effet un client ne prendra pas tous les modules, c'est logique. Avoir une uniformisation et simplification, c'est bien aussi. Que pouvoir avoir une utilisation de la version entreprise pour moins que 5 utilisateurs, sans être dans le sentiment de devoir sur-évaluer le service pris, c'est parfait. Par contre est-ce que tout a réellement été pris dans son ensemble? Est-ce que la réalité du marché est-elle vraiment correcte? Ne risque-t-on pas plutôt d'être contre-productifs et finalement faire pire que mieux ?

Pourquoi dire cela? A mon petit niveau je vais prendre quelques exemples concrets, car si on peut se dire que par rapport à des grosses usines comme SAP ou Microsoft ... sauf que tout le monde n'a pas ses besoins là. En Belgique par exemple pour prendre une région que je connais, il y a bon nombre de petites structures qui ont certes besoin de solutions valables, très valables même, mais pas spécialement d'un bazooka sur-dimensionné, au contraire dans notre pays avec plein de petites structures il faut pouvoir adapter des solutions différentes. C'est là que me vient la vraie grosse première interrogation : mais pourquoi supprimer la version entreprise en licence seule? Des personnes ont besoin d'un bon programme mais pas spécialement de tous les services autour, n'ont pas besoin d'un cloud et le mettraient plutôt sur un serveur local, en faisant leur installation, en utilisant leurs ressources. Dans ce cas n'est-il pas normal d'avoir une distinction, et donc les deux solutions comme précédemment, même si les changements pour la version Saas eux restent en place, je ne vais pas critiquer ce point là. Mais tout le monde ne vas pas prendre Office 365 alors qu'il leur faut juste un Outlook sur une machine.

Second gros point quant au fait de peut-être rater une grosse part du marché? Ce qui était une solution encore valable avec le fait d'avoir une version entreprise on-premise pour +-30€ par licence utilisateur. Avec deux exemples concrets, en ne regardant que la partie logicielle :

  1. Pour tout ce qui est horeca, des tas de logiciels certifiés existent, plus ou moins jolis, plus ou moins complets. En prenant un exemple assez répandu chez les professionnels du secteur, vous avez un logiciel nommé "RestoM.." qui coûte +- 40€ par mois ... pour plusieurs utilisateurs. On ne va pas discuter ici du design ou de l'utilisation de l'un et l'autre ... il fait tout ce que les professionnels de l'Horeca demandent une fois qu'il est installé ! Odoo lui demande une installation spécifique, mais j'ai dis que l'on ne prenait pas en compte les services et restons concentrés sur le logiciel, et revient à ce jour à près de 90€ pour un seul utilisateur et des modules limités à point de vente et facturation et inventaire. Premier cas vécu régulièrement.

  2. Pour les petites entreprises et les magasins locaux limités à quelques personnes, ils auront besoin de point de vente et d'inventaire, et de facturation et de gestion des ventes et d'achats et logiquement de CRM pour la gestion des clients. On reste donc sur quelque chose de raisonnable, ne mettons même pas de site web ni même de feuille de temps même si cela pouvait être fort utile et n'imaginons même pas la gestion des rendez-vous histoire de gérer les plannings de par exemple une petite entreprise de 5 personnes!
    Résultat, avec l'ancienne tarification, la licence seule revenait approximativement à 150€ ... et actuellement ces quelques modules seront facturés 250€ , près de 2500€ par an. Toujours sans compter le moindre matériel ou service. Second cas vécu, d’où ce message : un devis fait pour une entreprise locale en voulant pousser Odoo entreprise est donc tombé à l'eau entièrement, car à côté une entreprise locale, en Belgique, "malheureusement" assez connue dans la mise en place de point de vente pour différents types de magasin elle propose des solutions qui font tout ce que le commerçant a besoin (je pense plus que les modules sélectionnés ici, sinon le prix serait plus élevé), son nom commence comme celui de Micro-soft, mais avec concept derrière. Eux proposent une solution super complète, clé en main pour plus ou moins 10.000€, matériel et service compris. Besoin de faire un dessin sur le choix final du client ?

C'est donc un grand questionnement sur le fait de trouver les réalités du terrain en suffisance. J'espère que cette nouvelle politique de tarif, et encore un fois je répète que ce n'est pas pour rouspéter pour le plaisir ou dans le vent, bien au contraire, ne sera pas une erreur ! Alors oui on nous dira que la partie logicielle n'est qu'un morceau, que ce qui compte c'est la personnalisation ... mais aurai-je dû compter le nombre de projets vus ou entendus ou vécus dans lesquel les gens ont un informaticien qui fait tout, dans le meilleur des cas, ou une connaissance qui sait chipoter ... ou même pire, car là aussi c'est un cas vécu aujourd'hui : un client de longue date qui va faire faire son nouveau site web ... en afrique du Sud, à Johannesburg !


English translated (by google for rapidity, so sorry for mistakes)

I remain totally convinced of the interest of this ERP and the possibilities it has ... but I too ended up wondering if Odoo is not blowing its nose with 500 € tickets (if it had been to criticize for no reason or be unpleasant, I would have used the name of another hole). Wanting to aim for the stars is good ... but is it not at the expense of having to stay grounded?

That indeed a customer will not take all the modules, it makes sense. Having a standardization and simplification is good too. That being able to have a use of the version company for less than 5 users, without being in the feeling of having to over-evaluate the service taken, it is perfect. On the other hand, has everything really been taken as a whole? Is the market reality really correct? Are not we more likely to be counterproductive and ultimately worse than better?

Why say that? At my small level I will take some concrete examples, because if we can say that compared to large factories like SAP or Microsoft ... except that everyone does not have his needs there. In Belgium, for example, to take a region that I know, there are a lot of small structures that certainly need valid solutions, very valid even, but not especially an over-sized bazooka, on the contrary in our country with full Small structures need to be able to adapt different solutions. This is where I get the real big first question: but why delete the company version only license? People need a good program, but not all of the services around it, do not need a cloud and would rather put it on a local server, doing their installation, using their resources. In this case is not normal to have a distinction, and so the two solutions as before, even if the changes for the Saas version they remain in place, I will not criticize that point. But not everyone will take Office 365 when they just need an Outlook on a machine.

Second big point about the fact of maybe missing a big part of the market? Which was a still valid solution with having an on-premise business version for + -30 € per user license. With two concrete examples, looking only at the software part:

1. For all that is horeca, lots of certified software exist, more or less pretty, more or less complete. Taking a fairly common example among professionals in the sector, you have a software called "RestoM .." which costs + - 40 € per month ... for several users. We will not discuss here the design or the use of the one and the other ... it does all that the professionals of the Horeca ask once it is installed! Odoo asked for a specific installation, but I said that we did not take into account the services and remain focused on the software, and now comes to nearly € 90 for a single user and modules limited to point sales and billing and inventory. First case lived regularly.

2. For small businesses and local stores limited to a few people, they will need point-of-sale and inventory, and billing and sales and purchase management and logically CRM for customer management. So we stay on something reasonable, do not even put a website or even a timesheet even if it could be very useful and do not even imagine managing appointments history to manage the schedules of for example a small business of 5 people!

Result, with the old pricing, the license alone was approximately 150 € ... and currently these modules will be charged 250 €, nearly 2500 € per year. Always without counting any equipment or service. Second case lived, hence this message: a quote made for a local company by wanting to push Odoo company has fallen into the water entirely, because next to a local company, in Belgium, "unfortunately" quite known in the implementation Point of sale place for different types of store it offers solutions that do everything the trader needs (I think more than the modules selected here, otherwise the price would be higher), his name starts as that of Micro-soft but with concept behind. They offer a super complete solution, turnkey for more or less 10.000 €, equipment and service included. Need to make a drawing on the final choice of the customer?

It is therefore a great questioning to find the realities of the field in sufficient. I hope this new fare policy, and again I repeat that it is not to grumble for pleasure or in the wind, quite the contrary, will not be a mistake! So yes we will be told that the software part is only a piece, that what counts is the customization ... but should I have counted the number of projects seen or heard or lived in which people have a computer scientist who does everything, in the best case, or an acquaintance who knows how to quibble ... or even worse, because here too is a case experienced today: a long-time client who will make his new website ... in South Africa, in Johannesburg!

Best regards, and whishes for new odoo 11

Mario Gielissen
10/15/17, 6:00 AM

The One App free (SaaS) is also gone.

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Fabrice Henrion (fhe)
10/15/17, 8:59 PM

No it's not.

Steven Li
10/16/17, 12:14 AM

What is the best alternative option here?

10/29/17, 9:12 PM

Perhaps Erp-Next, I have read about this upcoming solution.

Xeata Management Inc., James White
1/14/18, 11:47 AM

Well, if you like Odoo, then perhaps the next best alternative would be Odoo - Community Edition.

10/14/17, 6:05 AM

Hello Ermin, thank you for pointing it out.

That is exactly the issue:

Odoo 10 Hosted and Odoo 10 on-premise had different prices, on-premise being cheaper (obvious).

- Odoo 10 Enteprise (on premise) -  5 users all apps: 840 €

- Odoo 10 Hosted - 5 users all apps: aprox. 3000 € 


- Odoo 11 on-premise -  5 users all apps: 4272 €

- Odoo 11 Hosted - 5 users all apps: aprox. 4272 €

On-premise being priced as Cloud, are you, Odoo guys, kidding ?

Is this a mistake, isn't it ?

Ray Carnes
10/14/17, 6:39 PM

The pricing page is calculating and showing the correct pricing - as confirmed by my Odoo Account Manager.

10/15/17, 4:50 AM

Thank you Ray.

That seems to me crazy, a 5x increase !!

What should we expect ?

Should we wait for next year Odoo Enterpise to be priced 10x increase ?

Each year going up 5x ?

Cannot raise my business based on this uncertinity! Need cost to be planned.

No, Odoo Guys, that is not correct, neither legal.

Very, very disappointed.

Me too, I will probably require a refund.

Benoît Vézina
10/15/17, 9:54 AM

Might make me look for an other solution, it is a sad day, but I can offer my customer Odoo enterprise at that price...

This gonna lead to more fork of odoo, I hope you realize...

Ray Carnes
10/15/17, 12:53 PM

Existing customers, as per their contract, will not see the price increase beyond the maximum of 7% as permitted in their contract. These changes are for NEW customers.

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