js_class attribute in odoo how its work

js_class attribute in odoo  how its work

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The main use of js_class attribute is to call js functions by defining js_class=' ' code from <tree> or <form> or <kanban> view.

Keep best practise to use js_class because it'll not breaking odoo core flow sometimes you did the hard code for only one changes it'll affect somewhere.

If you see in odoo v12 CE > account > views > account_invoice_view.xml file you can search js_class="account_bills_tree"

<tree decoration-info="state == 'draft'" decoration-muted="state == 'cancel'" decoration-bf="not partner_id" string="Vendor Bill" js_class="account_bills_tree">


The Upload button defining from js template <t t-name="BillsListView.upload_button">

and this Upload opened the Wizard which is calling from js code You can check BillsListController in bills_tree_upload.js

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Sometimes, we need to inform the web client that a specific ``ir.ui.view`` needs to use our new JS class. Note that this is a web client specific concern.

The proper way to do this is by using a special attribute ``js_class`` (which will be renamed someday into ``widget``, because this is really not a good name) on the root node of the arch:

.. code-block:: xml

<record id="helpdesk_team_view_kanban" model="ir.ui.view" >
<field name="arch" type="xml">
<kanban js_class="helpdesk_dashboard">

Note: You can change the way the view interprets the arch structure. However, from the server point of view, this is still a view of the same base type, subjected to the same rules. So, your views still need to have a valid arch field.