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On 11/17/14, 3:45 AM

In V8 filestore is used by default.. no need for extra setup...

If user runnig odoo has home set to /opt/odoo , then default filestore location is:

it can be set in config file with new  config setting:

data_dir = /path/to/desired/Odoo

In that path, odoo will create folders: addons, filestore and session

in filestore odoo server will create a new folder for each database,  and in database, 
in table ir_attachment will be stored path relative to /path/to/desired/Odoo/filestore/db_name ... to actual file...

This folder will contain all attachments (from backend, and also all website materials like pictures etc...)

Hope this helps..



odoo user should have rw acces to that folder, but under any cicrcumstances should it be 777 , never ever do that! 640 is quite good, and everything shlud work with that permissions !

Good Answer The filenames "asfdlhjasdfasdf6a7sdf67adsf7z" are not a great help if one wants to access files from outside odoo. Is there a workaround to have human readable filenames?

Tobias Frankl
on 12/27/14, 5:25 AM

I'm interested on that too.

on 8/23/15, 7:50 AM
On 3/26/15, 2:45 AM

Hi friends,

i am using windows server when i use data_dir = D:\Development\Workspace\odoo-8.0-20150317\doo_documents like this i get error while click on the page

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "D:\Development\Workspace\odoo-8.0-20150317\openerp\http.py", line 530, in _handle_exception

return super(JsonRequest, self)._handle_exception(exception)

File "D:\Development\Workspace\odoo-8.0-20150317\openerp\http.py", line 1399, in _dispatch_nodb

func, arguments = self.nodb_routing_map.bind_to_environ(request.httprequest.environ).match()

File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\werkzeug-0.9.4-py2.7.egg\werkzeug\routing.py", line 1433, in match

raise NotFound()

NotFound: 404: Not Found

Please help me to solve this issue

Ashish Singh
On 12/26/14, 5:27 AM

Suppose we set data_dir = /path/to/desired/Odoo in odoo-server.conf file , Now i want to read data_dir path in my custome module , So how can i read data_dir in my module?                                                                            




On 11/26/14, 3:15 PM

Hi! I have a problem with odoo 8. When i attach any file, this file is saved both filestore and bd. If i upload a file with 1200kb, making du to filestore I view that grown 1200kb, but when i backup my bd, it also has grown 1200kb! With openerp 7 did no happen this

Is this still happening? Should I check my instalation to see if that is happening?

on 8/23/15, 7:50 AM
On 8/20/15, 8:23 AM

I have this problem with that :

Hi, When I'm trying to install Aeroolib I get error:

chown: cannot access ‘/var/lib/odoo’: No such file or directory

I think thats because I installed Odoo in an other directory.

Is there a way to clean this? I mean to install aeroolib aeroo-docs with odoo in the directory /opt/odoo?

Odoo is installed in /opt/odoo, not in /var/lib/odoo.

Thanks for all the help

Mathias Colpaert
On 11/16/14, 2:45 PM

Has anybody succeeded in storing files on server, with Odoo v8?


@Andreas, Do you think it is possible?

On 12/25/14, 11:10 AM

For Odoo 8, you need only to change the location in "openerp-server.conf". 

There is a row with "data_dir = ...." You can change to the place that you want. 

For example, mine is "data_dir = C:\Odoo Attach"


You don't need to modify "System Parameters", because it is set to be "file" as a default.

Andreas Marpmann
On 5/21/14, 4:32 AM

Try it after move "filestore" into /opt/openerp/server/openerp/filestore

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