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How to transfer data from sale order to invoice when clicking on 'Create Invoice'?

on 5/21/15, 10:03 AM 5,176 views

Hi guys,

I'm extending the sale and account module and added my custom fields in a custom module. I've added fields in both the sale.order.line model and the account.invoice.line model:

class custom_sale_order_line_fields(models.Model):
    _inherit = 'sale.order.line'
    hoogte = fields.Integer()
    breedte = fields.Integer()
    aantal = fields.Integer()
    links = fields.Boolean()
    rechts = fields.Boolean()
    boven = fields.Boolean()
    onder = fields.Boolean()
    kleur = fields.Selection((('w','Wit'), ('z','Zwart'), ('g','Groen'),('r','Rood')))

class aa_invoice_custom_lines(models.Model):
    _inherit = 'account.invoice.line'
    hoogte = fields.Integer()
    breedte = fields.Integer()
    aantal = fields.Integer()
    links = fields.Boolean()
    rechts = fields.Boolean()
    boven = fields.Boolean()
    onder = fields.Boolean()
    kleur = fields.Selection((('w','wit'), ('z','zwart'), ('g','groen'),('r','rood')))

The fields are added in both the view for a new sale order and the view for an invoice:

        <record id="sale.view_order_form_inherit" model="ir.ui.view">
            <field name="name">sale.order.form.inherit</field>
            <field name="model">sale.order</field>
            <field name="inherit_id" ref="sale.view_order_form"/>
 	    <field name="arch" type="xml">
	        <xpath expr="//tree[@string='Sales Order Lines']/field[@name='name']" position="after">
		    <field name="links"/>
		    <field name="rechts"/>
		    <field name="boven"/>
		    <field name="onder"/>
		    <field name="kleur"/>
                    <field name="hoogte" on_change="on_change_hoeveelheid_berekenen(hoogte,breedte,aantal)"/>
		    <field name="breedte" on_change="on_change_hoeveelheid_berekenen(hoogte,breedte,aantal)"/>
                    <field name="aantal" on_change="on_change_hoeveelheid_berekenen(hoogte,breedte,aantal)"/>

        <record id="account.invoice_form_inherit3" model="ir.ui.view">
            <field name="name">account.invoice.form.inherit3</field>
            <field name="model">account.invoice</field>
            <field name="inherit_id" ref="account.invoice_form"/>
 	    <field name="arch" type="xml">
	        <xpath expr="//tree[@string='Invoice Lines']/field[@name='name']" position="after">
		    <field name="links"/>
		    <field name="rechts"/>
		    <field name="boven"/>
		    <field name="onder"/>
		    <field name="kleur"/>
                    <field name="hoogte" on_change="on_change_hoeveelheid_factuur_berekenen(hoogte,breedte,aantal)"/>
		    <field name="breedte" on_change="on_change_hoeveelheid_factuur_berekenen(hoogte,breedte,aantal)"/>
                    <field name="aantal" on_change="on_change_hoeveelheid_factuur_berekenen(hoogte,breedte,aantal)"/>

The next thing that I need is that when the user opens up a sales order and clicks on the button 'Create Invoice' that the filled in data from the sales order gets passed on to the invoice that is automatically generated.
The button 'Create Invoice' seems to come from /sale/wizard/sale_line_invoice.xml from this record:

 <record id="action_view_sale_order_line_make_invoice" model="ir.actions.act_window">
            <field name="name">Create Invoice</field>
            <field name="type">ir.actions.act_window</field>
            <field name="res_model">sale.order.line.make.invoice</field>
            <field name="view_type">form</field>
            <field name="view_mode">form</field>
            <field name="view_id" ref="view_sale_order_line_make_invoice"/>
            <field name="target">new</field>

What I don't understand now is where I should add the logic to transfer data from my custom fields from a sales order to an invoice. How do I know which code this action triggers and how should I transfer the data from the sale order to the invoice? It looks like the data is transferred in the method make_invoice (addons/sale/wizard/sale_line_invoice.py in the following lines:

 #TODO: merge with sale.py/make_invoice
        def make_invoice(order, lines):
                 To make invoices.

                 @param order:
                 @param lines:


            a = order.partner_id.property_account_receivable.id
            if order.partner_id and order.partner_id.property_payment_term.id:
                pay_term = order.partner_id.property_payment_term.id
                pay_term = False
            inv = {
                'name': order.client_order_ref or '',
                'origin': order.name,
                'type': 'out_invoice',
                'reference': "P%dSO%d" % (order.partner_id.id, order.id),
                'account_id': a,
                'partner_id': order.partner_invoice_id.id,
                'invoice_line': [(6, 0, lines)],
                'currency_id' : order.pricelist_id.currency_id.id,
                'comment': order.note,
                'payment_term': pay_term,
                'fiscal_position': order.fiscal_position.id or order.partner_id.property_account_position.id,
                'user_id': order.user_id and order.user_id.id or False,
                'company_id': order.company_id and order.company_id.id or False,
                'date_invoice': fields.date.today(),
            inv_id = self.pool.get('account.invoice').create(cr, uid, inv)
            return inv_id
But how can I add my custom fields to be added on the invoice lines too?

Peter Alabaster
On 5/22/15, 6:48 AM

I have done this before when adding lots to all sale, purchase, and invoice lines. I had to pipe the data across all these forms.

You have to do a certain amount of rooting around in the source code to find the right place to hook in, but for your situation this should work:

class sale_order_line_your_extension(osv.osv):
_inherit = "sale.order.line"

def _prepare_order_line_invoice_line(self, cr, uid, line, account_id=False, context=None):
    ret = super(sale_order_line_your_extension, self)._prepare_order_line_invoice_line(cr, uid, line, account_id=False, context=context)
    if line.product_id:
        if line.field_name:
            ret['field_name'] = line.field_name
    return ret

Note: super has been used here to reduce impact on source code.

All we are doing is assigning all the default returned values in the source code to the variable `ret`.

We are then checking if line.product_id exists on the sale order.

Then checking if anything has been set on your field, and then appending your field name (as defined in account.invoice.line) to ret, and assigning the value stored in the field to it.

Finally the appended value is returned, along with all other values.

This can be used in many places when piping data across forms, and can be quite a useful template.

You can easily add more than one value:

ret['field_name2'] = line.field_name2

ret['field_name3'] = line.field_name3

Hope this helps

Thanks Peter! This is a really great answer which is also usuable for other cases. Upvoted & accepted, again thanks! :)

on 5/23/15, 12:31 PM
Tintu Mon
On 3/25/16, 9:36 AM

 For creating "account.invoice" from "sale.order" there is four selection option

  • delivered

  • all

  • percentage

  • fixed

I tried a function "def action_invoice_create(self, grouped=False, final=False): " using super in inherited sale.order.

It works fine for sending a field value from sale.order to account.invoice, when the selection field is "delivered" or "all".

But it doesn't work for "percentage" and "fixed" selections.

So I used another function "def _create_invoice(self, order, so_line, amount):"  using super in inherited wizard/sale_make_invoice_advance.py

It propagated the field value from sale.order to account.invoice successfully.

I have tested it in debug also.

Does it right way to achieve? or any other way?

Note: I worked on ODOO9

Hello ! I did exactely what you say :-) but i have a problem So, I have a rate in my sale order and i would like take it to multiply to the amount of my invoice. (I put it in a field) But the amount doesn't take the down payment

BHC SPRL, Coralie Cardon
on 3/25/16, 11:31 AM

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