How to see product price history on sales or purchase?

Are there any way to see the price history of product sold and product bought filtered or not filtered by particular customer / supplier? Example like this :


* Customer A have created an invoice in February 2015. He bought product A with sales price $20

* Customer A make another purchase (invoice) on March 2015. He bought product B with sales price $15 and product C with sales price $50.

* Customer B make a purchase (invoice) on January 2015. He bought product A with sales price of $18

* On April 2015, customer C want to buy product A. I want to know the sales price history of product A. How can I do this?

* On April 2015, customer A asked me what items that he had bought so far and the price offered. How can I do this?

* On April 2015, I want to see product A sales. What was the price and to whom I have sold this item. How can I do this?


It would be much apreciate if can give step by step how to do this..

I have asked pretty the same question around 2 years ago while still version 7. Because it's currently version 8, I create another topic with some example. Link of old topic :

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Zura Tsiklauri
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There are some community modules for this. Try search with keyword: History in the app list.

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I tried to install product_price_history module. But seems it's not like what I need.. Anyway, thank you for the information...