How to overwrite the hand-patched bugs by pulling the latest code?

Peter Seng

Hello all: A few days ago , a bug was fixed but did't merge into trunk.But I wanted to fix it locally,So I made a patch which copied the diff into.And did patch by following code(So I patched it with the diff indicated in Launchpad).And did patch by following code

patch -p0 < SubMenuAreaEmpty.patch

I was so happy that it was fixed.But

Today I pulled the latest trunk which contains the fix of the aforementioned bug, hoping for an update to local. The pulling was successful but when it was done, I still found the bug is there.

 cd server     bzr pull
 cd web        bzr pull
 cd addons     bzr pull

What did I do wrong? In another word, how shall I update my local in case that I have patched locallly?