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Hyderabad, India

9/4/15, 1:39 AM


In order to inherit your"payslip_report" class, just inherit your previous class, using python inheritance.....as:

from openerp.addons.[your_mocule_name].[directory_structue/parent_folder] import payslip_report

and then redefine the class,

class payslip_report(payslip_report.payslip_report):

# here you can override or add previous/new functions.......

Don't forget to keep your [your_module_name] dependency in __openerp__.py

Hope it helps you and i am posting this post after so much long time, since i got it now and it may help you or someone else :)




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Jakarta, Indonesia
10/31/14, 8:41 AM

You should be inheriting from the payslip_report class in hr_payroll/report/report_payslip.py.  First, before the class definition you should put: from hr_payroll.report import report_payslip.  Then the class definition should be class payslip_report(report_payslip.payslip_report).  This way, you chain your inheritance (this is python inheritance, not Odoo ORM inheritance) through the class that provides the get_payslip_lines method.

Also don't forget to re-register your report with the new parser.  At the end of the py file, add the following line: report_sxw.report_sxw('report.payslip', 'hr.payslip', 'hr_payroll/report/report_payslip.rml', parser=payslip_report) adjust the information as necessary.

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10/31/14, 8:48 AM

Thanks for your reply. I haven't gave a try yet all seems okay to me except registry of new parser. it is qweb report so no .rml.

Vinicio Llumiquinga
6/7/17, 5:49 PM

Hi friends:

I solved it in the following way:

I wanted to increase a column in trial balance, this column show before account balance to period or date chosen by the user in the wizard of trial balance.

First Inherit template of tria balance:

<template id="report_trialbalance_saldo_anterior" inherit_id="account.report_trialbalance">
            <xpath expr="//table[@class='table table-condensed']" position="replace">
                <table class="table table-condensed">
                            <th>Saldo Anterior</th>
                            <th class="text-right">Debit</th>
                            <th class="text-right">Credit</th>
                            <th class="text-right">Balance</th>
                        <tr t-foreach="lines_comprobacion(data['form'])" t-as="childrenaccount">
                            <t t-if="childrenaccount['type'] == 'view'">
                                <t t-set="style" t-value="'font-weight:bold;'"/>
                            <t t-if="childrenaccount['type'] != 'view'">
                                <t t-set="style" t-value="'font-weight:normal;'"/>
                                <span t-att-style="style" t-esc="childrenaccount['code']"/>                                   
                                <span style="color: white;" t-esc="'.' * (childrenaccount['level'] - 1)"/>
                                <span t-att-style="style" t-esc="childrenaccount['name']"/>
                            <td class="text-right">
                                 <span t-att-style="style" t-esc="childrenaccount['sal_ant']" />
                            <td class="text-right">
                                 <span t-att-style="style" t-esc="childrenaccount['debit']"/>
                            <td class="text-right">
                                <span t-att-style="style" t-esc="childrenaccount['credit']"/>
                            <td class="text-right">
                                <span t-att-style="style" t-esc="formatLang(childrenaccount['balance'], currency_obj=res_company.currency_id)"/>


And the .py in my module is:

import time

from openerp.osv import osv from openerp.report import report_sxw from openerp.addons.account.report.common_report_header import common_report_header from openerp.addons.account.report.account_balance import account_balance from datetime import datetime, timedelta

class account_balance_comprobacion(report_sxw.rml_parse, common_report_header):

    def __init__(self, cr, uid, name, context=None):
        super(account_balance_comprobacion, self).__init__(cr, uid, name, context=context)
        self.sum_debit = 0.00
        self.sum_credit = 0.00
        self.date_lst = []
        self.date_lst_string = ''
        self.result_acc = []
            'time': time,
            'lines_comprobacion': self.lines_comprobacion,
            'sum_debit': self._sum_debit,
            'sum_credit': self._sum_credit,
            'get_filter': self._get_filter,
            'get_start_period': self.get_start_period,
            'get_end_period': self.get_end_period ,
            'get_account': self._get_account,
            'get_journal': self._get_journal,
            'get_target_move': self._get_target_move,
        self.context = context

    def lines_comprobacion(self, form, ids=None, done=None):


class report_trialbalance_comprobacion(osv.AbstractModel):  
    _name = 'report.account.report_trialbalance'
    _inherit = 'report.abstract_report'
    _template = 'account.report_trialbalance'
    _wrapped_report_class = account_balance_comprobacion

That was all i hope it helps



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Axel Mendoza
10/15/15, 5:54 AM

I write a more extensive explanation of qweb report parsers at:


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