How to have multiple bars per item on the x-axis on graph view?

Alex Malone

Hello again!

So, in version 6 we developed a module for tracking sales opportunities and showing the sales pipeline to users on a dashboard graph. You would set up sales targets for each user, set which states are classed as "won" and set which states are in the "pipeline". Then, on the graph view, we'd show, for each user/month, what their sales target what, what the value of their pipeline was and then what their actual value was.

Our graph view definition was as follows:

            <graph string="Sales Targets by Value" type="bar" orientation="vertical">
                <field name="full_name"/>
                <field name="target_value" operator="+"/> 
                <field name="pipeline_value" operator="+" />
                <field name="actual_value" operator="+"/>

This worked perfectly in version 6 and gave us a fantastically powerful reporting tool. Unfortunately, this graph no longer works in version 7. We get the full_name as the x-axis, but only the target value is filled in as the bar. I've searched through the minimal documentation and it sound like you can only have a maximum of three fields in your graph definition:

Field 1: The x-axis Field 2: The y-axis Field 3: The z-axis (optional)

This seems limited and seems weird that functionality has been removed from the core system. Does anyone know of a way to display multiple bars per x-axis object like in version 6?

Many thanks



any news about this?

Omal Bastin

is there any module for this functionality

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Russell Briggs
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Nope. It is a limitation of the new graph views - they do not seem to currently support multiple series like the old ones used to, only stacked bars :(

( this was supposed to be a reply to Felipe's question! ;) )